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Autor Thema: Several ideas for Mordor  (Gelesen 652 mal)


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Several ideas for Mordor
« am: 8. Dez 2016, 11:42 »
Good afternoon Edayn community! I have a couple of ideas for danogo character and wanted to share with you about them! Sorry for my English !

1) Strengthen and change abilities to Nazguls (everything) - very much they are weak, especially if the Necromancer has a low level, and plus they lose to all similarly at cost to heroes of other fractions
2) To strengthen and change ability of Molok! Painfully to look as the hero of an average a link can overcome the huge and armor troll. If to cope with units of Milts more or less, then to heroes similarly at cost it loses to all is universal, I do not know why developers fashion so offended this troll, but it should be corrected.
3) To add several new abilities (defensive, economic, tactical) for Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur. For an example is enough only to compare Dol Guldur/Minas Morgul with Dale or Mirkud. - is more effective, cheaper, and offers more tactical maneuvers.
4) To add to the Outpost Kirit Ungol
5) To add to Mordor stronger group (for example Moranyon's orks). What if Mordor is surrounded by enemies and to construct Dol Guldur/Minas Morgul's fortress than then to be at war to Mordor?
6) To add several new defensive abilities for base/fortress of Mordor (after all all this the main stronghold of the evil in middle-earth!)
7) To add archers on elephants and to give the chance to carry out improvement  of armor or something else, strengthen archers the jagged arrows
8) For ability help Isterling to add pedestrian group of isterling with axes and the chariot (according to the book)
9) To reduce at a rate of Grond (he almost like 1/3 fortresses and twice than gate!)
10) To refuse system of free hiring of units!
11) To change roles and properties of armies Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul! the .problema is that it is not enough to differ in what from each other except for elite units.
12) To change couple of abilities in the book of spells

Thank you for your attention ! I hope these ideas (or at least used part) you like!


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Re: Several ideas for Mordor
« Antwort #1 am: 8. Dez 2016, 14:03 »
1) They're not supposed to be super strong ehile the Necromancer is on lvl 1. You can't expect that to happen.
3) It is not enough to say "add some tactics"! Express your thoughts of what the abilities shouel be.
4) And then you would only have economical buildings on settlements. Have you noticed that every faction can build one Unit Production building on settlements. That's supposed to be like that. Besides if it moves to outpost that would mean a higher cost of the building itself and harder to level up Sauron (since for one level it is required to train one unit  of Cirith Ungol).
6) In the new patch 4.5 all factions will receive additional defensive building option.
7) Mumakil can receive War Paints and Banner Carrier upgrades when Influence of Sauron is cast on Tribute Camp.
8) If there is to be added additional troops for summoning, that ability would need to cost more power points so which spellbook spell will be removed?
9) Grond is the most powerful siege engine on Middle Earth  :P
10) That is in the base of Mordor strategy - if the cost of orcs would be increased then the whole Mordor system would need to be reworked (cost of heroes, upgrades etc)
12) I think the spellbook is quite fine. If you have some thoughts about the spells then write them down.


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Re: Several ideas for Mordor
« Antwort #2 am: 8. Dez 2016, 14:43 »
Apart from what Gandalf's replied:

2) Indeed, I've been voicing this for a while now. If you want to have a further read about the concept have a look here.

3) You have to be careful when adding stuff to Mordor, the Fortresses already provide 2 levels to Sauron (in addition to one of the 9 Nazgul required for a 3rd level). Although I do agree that compared to some other. The Mordor Fortresses don't have a auto-repair and are extremely vulnerable to ram rushes unlike other outpost. I'd like to see them gain some level of defense against that.

4) The team mentioned, when they presented Mordor, that 3 unique outposts would be too much when most maps only have 1 or 2 outposts.

After long deliberation, we decided to make the three domains Cirith Ungol, Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur available on external build plots instead of in the base. For one, this simply looked better: The structures in the base all follow a new, unified style based on the Barad-Dûr, while every domain has its own design - a single Minas Morgul building would simply look out of place in the new base. Furthermore, the domains were always supposed to be supporting additions to the main faction, and in Edain 4.0 such supporting factions are generally placed on the settlements and outposts. Comparing the domains, we decided that not all of them are as good as the other. Therefore, Cirith Ungol, the weakest and most disliked of the three, is available on the settlements. It would never have won any competition against Minas Morgul or Dol Guldur offering some of the strongest heroes of Mordor. Besides the black Uruks, also the orc-hellebarders will be limited to 3, but won't cost any commandeurs points, therefore reinforcing Mordors army above the normal limit. Being an own unit, the hellebarders won't be just a variant of the Mordor's pikes, but having much stronger values.

7) Adding my archers also has my support, its such as unique thing, It would be great even as a simple upgrade.

All the rest has pretty much been asnwered by Gandalf.
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