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Autor Thema: Several ideas for Isengard  (Gelesen 852 mal)


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Several ideas for Isengard
« am: 8. Dez 2016, 11:44 »
Good afternoon Edayn community! I have a couple of ideas for danogo character and wanted to share with you about them! Sorry for my English !

Izengard - one of the most balanced in respect of game and a prostate in fashion. Only couple of changes and can be added to its advantages also an ineteresnost. So mine the offer concerning Izengard:
1)   To change the existing outpost on
The settlement of Dunland - can be employed former units with the hero + to add kopeyshchik and mountaineers. spearman it is necessary for game at an early stage, and mountaineers for late game that the player did not forget about Dunlad
2)   To add the hero of the intelligence agent Maukhur.
3)   To Uruk intelligence agents to add intelligence agents with axes
4)   To strengthen base/fortress of Izengard. The main building of Izengard it ortkhank, (even enta could not destroy) therefore I suggest to add ability - + 100% of health and armor for the building. It is also possible to add protection of base/fortress liquid fire (as Saruman attacked ent when those attacked). The equipment for defense  is also possible to add some.
5)   All game of Izengard to turn around Saruman. The main problem of Izengard that except Saruman plainly is also not present as everything is based on one personality + and the fact that Izengard is the young and not long fractions really everything will to However it gives new opportunities for end of an image of fraction. So the main weapon of Saruman is his voice / speaking (only the few in a sredizemya could resist its voice, also it misled the White Council concerning the acts, the hidden intentions and the enemy), knowledge (first knowledge of various focuses, magic abilities and other various knowledge for extermination of the enemy (explosive and other pleasures) and secondly knowledge of the most important secrets of Rivendel, Lorien, Rohan and Gondor as he was a member and leader of the White Council that he uses it against them) and knowledge of engineering (he knew how to build buildings, arms (an armor and the weapon) and obsidional tools (mines, ballistas and many other things). It seems to me that Saruman needs to change several abilities. If some heroes underwent a set of changes of a role in fraction and its ability, then the role and Saruman's abilities did not change since times since 2006. In my opinion Saruman one of the most interesting characters in middle-earth therefore there is a need of small completion of abilities. So I suggest to add ability of the Magic melee. (as in the movie the Hobbit. Fight of five arms when Saruman struggled with Nazguls, or at magic fight with Gandalf). It is also possible to change an opportunity capture under control of army + management of the hero. The team offered Edain very interesting mechanics of Saruman in an ortkhanka, however it is very boring as Saruman in Ortkhanke has identical abilities. If to give to Saruman in Ortanke other abilities that it will be very interesting to appear plus to it both the defensive and attacking component. So for example if to add ability a lightning stroke and an avalanche to Saruman in an ortanka it will be more reliable and more correct.
6)   There is a need for change in the book of spells. Wolfs archers should be removed  completely as I pound from them almost any. Also a half of abilities from the book of spells are aimed especially at the development of economy.
7)    Tactics Izengrard. Except strong economy Izengard owns to abilities of sabotage and diversion plus Saruman's power. Thus Izengard's game has to be reduced around four components: sabotage, diversion, Dunland's union with orks and Saruman's power. Also I completely understand that Izengard's history (as fraction of the evil) makes only 60 years, and it creates a certain ceiling and that to overcome it that it is necessary to ask only one question: What would be if Izengard took Helms Deep and Rohan would win???...  What then???.... as if the fraction developed then???.

Thank you for your attention ! I hope these ideas (or at least used part) you like!


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Re: Several ideas for Isengard
« Antwort #1 am: 8. Dez 2016, 14:10 »
2) Mauhur is already in the mod. He can be summoned by Ugluk's level 10 ability.
4) The base building is not Orthanc. It is just regular Tower (Otrhanc is in Isengard map) Moreover there are many upgrades the fortress can get .
5) This idea deserves a thought! :)
6) Isengard is an economical late game faction and because of the strength and cost of it's troops Isengard needs these economical powers to survive.


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Re: Several ideas for Isengard
« Antwort #2 am: 8. Dez 2016, 18:04 »
I dont know why but the 5) idea remind me of Istari Submod from the time when we still had Free building system . In this submod if i remember good we had only Gandalf and Saruman and we could get things only through them

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Re: Several ideas for Isengard
« Antwort #3 am: 8. Dez 2016, 23:11 »
I think Isengard is fine as it is. They are already very strong all round, and almost unbeatable late game. Their economy is huge, and they can stand up to any faction except Rohan early game(fast cavalry, no pikes). Saruman has an incredible and extremely effective ability set, his lightning can kill anything, wizard blast and fireball are great, train units is great early on, and useful for berserkers late game, and convert units is amazing. I really don't see any need for changes to any of those.

The 1 idea I would support would be moving Dunland to an outpost to create a sub-faction, right now they are pretty poorly represented IMO.
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