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Autor Thema: Imladris' lack of proper Mass slayer hero  (Gelesen 2020 mal)


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Re: Imladris' lack of proper Mass slayer hero
« Antwort #15 am: 13. Mär 2017, 22:50 »
In the books is written that Master Elrond causes the flood by spelling some words toward river but the horse visage did Gandalf. Now I am totally confused.

It's true, I recall the same thing. You have to look at the whole picture though: is that aspect worth being represented in the game? I find it a too minimal of a difference, and a very strict adherence to the books. If you think about it, the whole water-horse motive is very much connected with Rivendell, in a conceptual perspective. This is particularly true in the cinematographic transposition, as Arwen escaped the Nazgûl in the legendary sequence we all have knowledge of. The ability is also an iconic remnant from BFME2.

You just have to order all these pieces together and the reason for the current feature to remain will be quite apparent, I guess. Not a solution which is totally lore-accurate, but it is nonetheless what satisfies the needs of gameplay.