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Autor Thema: Role Gorthaur to Mordor  (Gelesen 689 mal)


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Role Gorthaur to Mordor
« am: 4. Jan 2017, 11:16 »
Hi people ! Sorry for my English. For a long time I have seen this situation: Necromancer is much more useful than Gorthaur, and in fact just the opposite intended!. So let's order: In order to get a Gorthaur ability to earn from the book of spells for 10 points, but here we get the paradox that the player gets the dubious efficiency gains. I personally do not always play Gorthaur because it is less useful to me than the Necromancer, the only plus is that it can be much better to resist the enemy heroes. Therefore, it goes without maturing the following situation: the player does not get a proper growth (although it seems to me that sometimes negative) force for Sauron. Necromancer is a very good auxiliary character for the army (one of the best along with Thorin), while losing Gorthaur subsidiary aspect. The only thing that he has a very good ability it Anatar. (Vampire bats on my useless - even if you alter / modify / enhance the ability to have a very good perspective). In this regard, we have the following picture: The Necromancer is a very good supporting character - Sauron powerful hero is able to destroy the whole army of the enemy alone. A Gothaur only slightly stronger and more useful when the necromancer unnecessarily high labor input for the player because he is losing one slot capacity for 10 points, while the other faction can use both! So after all that is written there are two ways of development of the situation: The first points to a decrease Gorthaur capacity up to 6-7 points.
Second, this increase Gothaura.

I have another proposal regarding the development Gorthaur, but will publish later.

Thank you! I would love to hear from you and hope that you will join the discussion!


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Re: Role Gorthaur to Mordor
« Antwort #1 am: 25. Jan 2017, 19:08 »
Edain community offered us a very interesting and unique design and gameplay for the Necromancer. On receipt Gorthaur player loses the relationship of the hero with Mordor. As the Necromancer is a powerful support for the troops, I propose to continue this aspect and for Gorthaur. As you know, Sauron was famous for its blacksmith and magical abilities, I suggest using some of the skills of the arsenal. So being in a new guise Gorthaur is recreating its former power, plus the player also loses a lot of energy to produce it (need the ability from the book of spells for 10 points.), Respectively, and the reward for a player to be adequate. Now Gothaur lacks combat and tactical power to justify such an effort player. I do not know the technical side, but conceptually I suggest the following:
Gorthaur receives two Palantir as the Necromancer. Regarding the names I have not yet invented, but a summary of:
First palantir reflects his strength and brutality
1 capacity - the blade of fate (like now)
2 capacity - Shadow of antiquity - Gorthaur as an ancient and powerful evil Vodden fear in even the most courageous and brave hearts strong. Passive. - All nearby enemies gets minus 25% of the armor, damage, movement speed and cooldown.
3 capacity - Cruelty - Gorthaur vostanalvivaet his health by 25% and receives 25% armor, damage and speed.
4 capacity - Submission. The listed enemies come under your control
5 capacity - Darkness ancient times.

Second palantir reflects his intellectual and blacksmithing
1 capacity - Anatar
2 capacity - Vampire
3 capacity - Werewolf
4 capacity - Impact of Sauron
5 capacity - Fortress now. However, I prefer the old design of the fortress in the Edain 3.8.1.Krome, you can add a couple of new improvements. My suggestion to add to the existing fear and madness. (Reduces the armor and damage and repels enemies.)