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Autor Thema: Battle at the Hornburg: Discussion and Feedback  (Gelesen 1801 mal)


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Battle at the Hornburg: Discussion and Feedback
« am: 12. Jan 2017, 20:27 »
Hello all and welcome to the feedback section for the RPG work: Battle at the Hornburg. Here, players and non-players alike can feedback on the ongoing RPG. It also offers a summary of the game's settings and of the game's fixed events (explosion of Helm's Deep, breaching of the gate, separation of Aragorn and Gimli, death of Hama, ect...).

Of course, the setting of this game is the battle between Isengard and Rohan at the Hornburg (also known as Helm's Deep). This resulted in the death of many of the defenders and the complete annihilation of Isengard's army after Erkenbrand rode in with his Rohirrim marched in with his soldiers (you saw nothing). We'll be following the book's version since it does give more liberty as to what players can do and still be considered lore accurate.

The elements that must happen at some point during the game are as follows:
-Charge of the Uruk Hai (and the filling of the Dike with their bodies)
-Eomer and Aragorn march out to the causeway and briefly interrupt the battering down of the gates
-Explosion of the wall
-Aragorn's group and Gimli's group are separated
-The Hornbug is taken by the Uruk-Hai except for the keep
-The Gate of the Keep is breached
-Theoden rides out of the Keep
-Ride March of Erkenbrand and victory of Rohan
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