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Autor Thema: The Road to Edain 4.5: Theodred  (Gelesen 2052 mal)


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The Road to Edain 4.5: Theodred
« am: 12. Feb 2017, 10:42 »
Greetings, companions of Edain,

today we want to present you some changes to one of Rohan's heroes:


Théodred is a hero who has undergone many changes in the history of Edain, not least his concept has been reworked in actually each of the last major versions.
Théodred has a hard time finding a place in Rohan, as almost all roles are filled by other heroes. That is why Théodred was conceived as a hero, who was a defense of the Isenfurt on defensive and buildings. However, since this was too much of a constraint, Théodred got a unique building, which made him a hero with a high defensive potential, but he also had Rohan's typical mobility. In addition, the tower also had the function to integrate the troops of the Westfold at Rohan better.

The tower Théodred created a unique niche in Rohan, but it was never really defensive, as it was usually more worthwhile to summon this near the battle rather than near its own buildings. This is not only bad for Rohan's way of playing, but can also be extremely frustrating for the opponent. With the introduction of the main men at Rohan, the tower also lost its strong relationship with the Westfold units.
Basically, we are definitely satisfied with Théodred in terms of its unique, but our desire to integrate him into Rohan as a people.

Looking at Théodred, the latter can also be interpreted offensive by the context. Théodred and Eomer were the greatest obstacle to the conquest of Rohan by their action with which they put Saruman actively. He also did not wait for the arrival of Saruman's army at the fiefs of Isens, but went out to strike it before it was ready for battle. Not only did he defeat the advance guard of the enemy's army, but he also attacked enemy positions which had been lifted against them before he had to retreat.

Théodred's concept will continue to be centered on his tower, also, most of his abilities have remained fundamentally similar. However, Théodred will assume Rohan's siege heroes in the future.
- Sword Stance Théodred arms himself additionally with an axe which raises his attack damage against buildings by 50%. In return Theodred loses 20% armor. Enemies in sight are automatically attacked.
- Axe Stance Théodred uses his dexterity and endurance in the fight. He solely relies on his sword. Enemies in a medium range are attacked automatically.
- Shield Stance Théodred arms himself with a shield, which protects him against structure arrows. In return he deals 20% less damage. Enemies are not automatically attacked.

Théodred, as in previous versions, also has 3 different stances, with different effects that reinforce him in his role as a siege hero. With the ax, it deals more damage to buildings, but is protected by the shield against its arrows when it has to retreat.
- Level 1 - Attack Post Theodred orders an Attack Post to be built to fight of Rohan's enemies. The Attack Post sends attack teams, which attacks enemy buildings.

Théodred's old defensive post has now become a point of attack. He sent an attack team of five warriors of the Westphalian, who could be sent to attack enemy buildings. The attack team causes greatly reduced damage to everything outside buildings and is thereby controlled by the attack commands of the tower. It also has a limited range, so buildings can not be attacked on the other side of the map. If a member of the attack team dies, it is replaced in the attack, so it is important for Théodred to protect his attack point.

The attack point offers Rohan the opportunity to exert pressure on enemy buildings early in the game, but it is not possible for the defender to stop them by being units that deal with the damage.

- Level 4 - Siege Garrison Mans an Attack Post with a siege team. The Attack Post can train now  Hay Wagons and Pitch Throwers.

Through the siege garrison, Rohan is given the opportunity to build two of his siege units in the attack point, which can increase the pressure on the enemy and also allow for unexpected attacking for the Rohan player.

- Level 6 - Repair Work Théodred orders the repair of all siege engines near a Guard Post. All siege engines near the Guard Post will be permanently repaired and have double armor.

If an attack point is upgraded with repair work, it offers Rohan the possibility to attack the enemy even more effectively. Catapults are better protected against enemy attacks near the attack point and are still cured.

- Level 10 - Defense of the Riddermark Théodred mobilizes all forces to throw back the enemy. For 30 seconds he and nearby siege engines gain +50% damage, +20% movement speed and can not be knocked down.

One of Rohan's strengths is the speed. That is why Théodred allows sieges with its 10 ability to move faster to the enemy.

We are very pleased with the new concept of Théodred as it reflects Théodred's aggressive and yet stationary character very well, making him a useful and unique siege hero of Rohan.

We hope you enjoyed the update to Théodred and look forward to your feedback.

Your Edain Team