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Autor Thema: Five Nazgul!  (Gelesen 678 mal)


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Five Nazgul!
« am: 15. Feb 2017, 15:35 »

Without a doubt a group of five Nazgul very interesting realization. Firstly it is unique, in the second ring of the brotherhood of opponents that too interesting. And all seemed well! Only one problem! their uselessness! You will ask why ?
Why? The answer is simple they have weak abilities! And if to reach the tenth level they are at least as it can fight the enemy is at an early stage of the game it's just a nightmare. Sometimes I have a suspicion that the Edain developers very well divided and sold the other four Nazgul (especially WK and Khamul, though not without flaws). However, at an early stage of the game to buy them useless, and later they just do not need them! Theoretically, they wondered how search engines ring! and a good alternative to confrontation enemy heroes! ...... but neither one nor the other, they can not!
What for ! Based on the points why? it becomes clear that the completion of this unit is required characters. To me the idea of ​​this unit is very sympathetic, but that's what they are useless: Second incorporate logic and see that one of the Nazgul (which stand 1300) in singles useful to the tenth level than five! not to mention the two or more! so that gradually move to the point how?
How ? when producing ability of a spell book "Nazgul" can choose to play the role of search engines namely rings or lieutenants of the war (the name is so-so). So with the start they will have five weak abilities. When choosing their role in the fourth and fifth further power will change depending on your choice. So their standard features:
1 capacity - hurry on horseback;
Ability 2 - fear, passive as it is now
3 capacity - morgul blade
4 capacity - terror - terror in the coming enemies scatter
5 capacity - the servants of Sauron - passivnoe- until five Nazgul together, and none of them killed, they receive an additional 20% damage and armor. If the detachment will chetire Nazgul then the bonus will be 15% and so on.
When choosing search engines ring. Sauron knows that the ring was back and he sends his search his worst enemies and devotees:
1 capacity - hurry on horseback;
2 capacity - fear, but now it will be a combination of fear and terror. That is: they passively znizhayut armor and damage enemies by 5% as it is now. And they actively use their terrible scream, and run up the nearest enemies.
3 capacity - morgul blade
4 capacity - find the ring. When activated, this ability they get 30% of the survey damage and armor to ensure that used to kill the carrier of the ring and to return to his master. (For them you can make even the next - if they find the ring they then they can pick it up and take Sauron, but they lose 30% movement speed, armor, and damage)
5 capacity - The servants of darkness. They can go into the world of shadows, but they can not attack the enemy. At the same time they restore his health by 25% faster.
But if the player chooses the second option Sauron sends his evil servants to war for the destruction of all the free peoples of Middle-earth .:
1 capacity - hurry on horseback;
2 capacity - fear, but now it will be a combination of fear and terror. That is: they passively znizhayut armor and damage enemies by 5% as it is now. And they actively use their terrible scream, and run up the nearest enemies.
3 capacity - morgul blade
4 capacity - passive. they get the best armor and weapons for the war s enemies. They passively receive a 25% armor and damage.
5 capacity - Morgulsky poison. As sechas fifth capacity


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Re: Five Nazgul!
« Antwort #1 am: 15. Feb 2017, 22:58 »
I'm gonna put this out there and just say it, but most of this is incomprehensible. Your previous proposals were okay in terms of English but this one is extremely hard to follow. As a big fan of Mordor I try to answer on as many threads as possible but I've read this one five time and I'm still not sure what you're proposing.

From what I can understand you suggest that the spellbook power "His Deadliest Servants" also apply to the Black Riders?

That's an interesting concept although the the structure of the proposal is confusing. The only problem is that the black riders are meant as a late game tool. I don't think I've ever seen them use early enough to no have most of their abilities unlocked. With your proposal the first stage would usually be useless since it is meant at early game. Designing unique armor for each album would be a lot of work for a minor gameplay addition. Although it would be interesting for "His deadliest Servant" to provide some sort of buff. But as far the proposal go, I'm against.
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Re: Five Nazgul!
« Antwort #2 am: 6. Apr 2017, 06:06 »
If I can extrapolate a single though out of that, I honestly like the idea of using the Black Riders as a late-game ring finder. Either they have a larger area of stealth reveal or that they get increased damage against Ring Heroes. With the latter I could see a large cost increase but would give them something to do. As it is (and I won't profess to be a Dark Lord of any sort) I rarely use BR other than as another level for Sauron, and then using Morgul Blade on one unlucky hero every so often as they don't have enough health for extended battles.