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Autor Thema: Witch King of Angmar Abilities & Ring Changes  (Gelesen 800 mal)


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Witch King of Angmar Abilities & Ring Changes
« am: 18. Feb 2017, 14:04 »
The Witch King of Angmar, as the leader of the Angmar faction is a terrifying warrior and also embodies their use of the darkest sorcery. He is intended to be both a mass slayer and a support hero. I think he should have a few more sorcerous abilities to really embody the heart of the Angmar faction and be the very iconic heart of the faction. In some ways, I think he is outshone by Zaphragor in the faction in this aspect so a few additions are intended to improve his utility ability with some lore nods and also the inclusion of a second tier of abilities.

Lord of Angmar has been changed to remove the Snowstorm active and now reflects a small portion of damage dealt to the Witch King similar to what occurred in the Lord of the Rings to both Arwen and Pippin after striking him. This will aid in his mass slayer capabilities but the reflected amount would be relatively low, more a unique property than a particularly powerful effect.
Dark Prophecy is meant to be a completely unique ability that is particularly relevant to the Witch King as this references the prophecy that Glorfindel gave in regards to the Witch King. This makes the Witch King particularly hard to slay, and in addition has a synergy with the additional ability added should the Witch King receive the One Ring. Oblivion would remain virtually unchanged except for the name but might have some of its damage reduced to compensate for the new changes.

Witch King of Angmar
Level 0: Toggle Command Set
Level 1: Mount – Dark Horse
Level 2: Lord of Angmar – Despite not revealing himself as one of the Nazguls, the menacing Aura of the Witch-King fills those around him with terror. All enemies nearby will passively lose 20% armor and damage. In addition, the Witch King's very essence harms anyone who attacks him. This causes attackers to have some of their damage reflected back to them.
Level 3: Blade of Midnight – For a short duration the Witch King only strikes with his accursed sword, enemies struck down have a chance to be transformed into a wraith bound to his service.
Level 5: Might of the Witch-King - Remains Unchanged [Awesome ability] 

Level 0: Toggle Command Set
Level 7: Dark Prophecy – The Witch King is prophesized to be slain in a far off time and not by the hands of man or elf. When the Witch King is reduced to zero health, he becomes invulnerable for a short duration after which he may be slain. (Passive)
Level 8: Crippling Terror - The Witch-King tortures the mind of an enemy hero, whereby his special abilities are reset to just used. Long cooldown. Left click on icon then left click on target.
Level 9: Oblivion – A repulse of dark power that damages nearby buildings and enemy units. Enemy infantry units are also knocked back when damaged by the dark magic.

Currently when the Witch King of Angmar recieves the One Ring, he doesn't really have a truly dramatic transformation that denotes the ascendance as a Ring Hero. Therefore my intended changes for him would be to retain virtually all of the same abilities but recieve a new unique Level 10 ability and also gain the benefits of both increased damage and that his abilities will now recharge a bit faster. His new ability was designed to be the pinnacle of Angmar's sorcerous power and whenever I sought to find anything in regards to Rise of the Witch King and the sorcerers in the Angmar faction, I would always come across this particular image.
Not being able to find an ingame equivalent of such an impressive looking ritual, I decided that incorporating it as the Witch King's ultimate ability would be suitably impressive for the Witch King as a Ring Hero.

Witch King of Angmar (Ring Hero)
Level 10: Extinction - The Witch King summons a large purple flame and a large group of his devoted sorcerers and their cultists to partake in the Dark Ritual. After 'seven?' seconds of channeling the Ritual is completed. At the completion of the Ritual, the sorcerer's and cultists are instantly killed as their souls are sucked into the flame, causing the purple flame to flare brightly for an instant before a giant fiery explosion is unleashed (same one unleashed when a Balrog is summoned) dealing catastrophic damage to all enemies and allies except the Witch King.

Note: During this ability, the Witch King cannot attack, move or use any other abilities. The sorcerers and cultists summoned are significantly weaker than the normal unit equivalents of them, making them much easier to kill. This means that opposing players have a few options to reduce the impact of the ability:
-They can attempt to slay the Witch King and thus prevent the cast from occuring.
-They can kill all the sorcerers before the ritual is completed to interrupt it
-They can attempt to recall their army as this ability is being channeled to minimize the impact of the ability.

I think this would be a very interesting ability because in the Witch King's mind his servants are all expendable and can be sacrificed in the pursuit of destroying his enemies. Furthermore it is a really devastating ability to complete the kit of the Witch King and really identify him as an imposing Ring Hero.

EDIT: 1/3/2017
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Re: Witch King of Angmar Abilities & Ring Changes
« Antwort #1 am: 18. Feb 2017, 16:44 »
This is the German forum. Any thread one opens here is thus supposed to be in German. I will move the topic to the English corresponding board.



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Re: Witch King of Angmar Abilities & Ring Changes
« Antwort #2 am: 22. Mär 2017, 00:24 »
hello there
i have some ideas for angmar faction
first i would like to change witch-king skin to the one in shadow of angmar game
second angmar has no subfaction so why we don't add the trolls of the north as a subfaction for it
third we can add agendaur from the war of the north game as a new hero for angmar
and thank you :)