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Autor Thema: Castles, edain  (Gelesen 637 mal)


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Castles, edain
« am: 25. Feb 2017, 10:13 »
First of all, Greetings to all fellow modders of this game,

I playing Edain 4.4.1 ( this is the lastes version right ? I use edain launcher, updater ) and I enjoy it, but I would have two or three questions about it. I hope you can help me with them :)

My first interest is about the mods system, I would ask, I is there any possibility to build in Edain freely, to bring back on some of the maps ( or on all of them, also in wotr ) the builder system ? Because I would like to build freely, set up my base, because now I feel a bit limited.

Second question is about the castles in Edain. I managed to open some bse files, and saw the castles, like for example angmar.castle, but I wanted to replace its citadel with angmar fortress, to be its default center (without fortification expansions ), for recruiting heroes and for regular citadel commands. I could add it as a middle of the base by removing the previous one, but it could not  funcion like the original citadel: some heroes were missing, and also some ring functions were also missing, but I saw the RotWK angmar forress upgrades (some of them ). Is there any possibility to make the RotWK fortress building work as a proper center of the base ( I would like to use the fortress original upgrades too), like the original citadel ? I would do this on all of the bases ( of course with an apropiate fortress building ) to work like the middle of the base.

My third question is a bit connected to the one above:
As we know threre are defensive expansions one the fortress walls, like for exapmle on angmar's castle.bse. But what if I would like to replace them, with the ones from the original RotWk fortress plots ( where you build build arrow towers, catapults, wolf kernels, wall hubs, wall hubs are not necessary, but would be interesting ), to be upgradeable with ice munitions and all of the stuff what was originaly available from within the fortress what I spoke of above. And of course it is the idea to make this with all on the castles bse. files (with the apropiate buildings )So the second and the third question is a bit connected to each other, but I separated them to make my questions more clear :)

Thank you for reading my question, what gone a bit long, ( I don't expected that ) :)

I hope you can help me, I wait your answers excitedly.



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Re: Castles, edain
« Antwort #1 am: 26. Feb 2017, 10:17 »
You would have to change extremly much codes and systemes to build free again. If it is just for one map it shouldn't be that difficult, if you just ignore some problems.

Angmar in 3.81 had a different set of heroes, therefore it is obvious that just using the old object won't work. You have to change the commandset, such that all the ReviveSlots are included as well as the subsection with the fortress upgrades.
You basicely did everything correctly so far, but you didn't changed enough. Also, I think it would be better do keep the current objects and add the code for the fortress upgrades to them.

Also you will surely get problems, when the new building is destroyed because either it can't be rebuild or afterwards the upgrades want work anymore and can't be repurchased.

You can't directly replace them, as these wall-buildplots include the wall itself. If you replaced them with old objects, you would get a gap in the wall.
What you should do is replacing the walls with buildplots by walls without build plots and just place the old buildplots outside the wall with the correct angle, similar to camps. They will be more difficult to see, but I guess it will work nonetheless.


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Re: Castles, edain
« Antwort #2 am: 26. Feb 2017, 11:26 »
Thank you for answering,
Now I know I groping in the right way :)

But some problems reamin here.

About the builder situation, could you give me some information about how to "roll back" to the builder system with edains cuirrent version? Or for just for the start to do it on one map ? Also I think, I will need to adjust the AI to wok properly on that map (that knowledge is missing too now ).
To be able to use the builder system on all of the maps (wotr too) It's enough to change all the maps ? or need something else ?
You speak some kind of "problems", what would they be ?

About the fortress/castle topic:
I don't know what to change exactly, I meam the coding part. How to add buttons to the fortress, ( upgrades, heroes, ring functions, and to be able to use the last 25 powerpoint spell on the fortress), and I would like to implement this on all factions castles.
How to connect the buildplots, to be upgradable by the fortress,
For the castle middle fortress rebuild option, I would add the simble fort building animation ( I don't know how), and under it the rubble to be able to build it back from maybe.
And one question still remains, How to allow all these changes to be usable by the AI ?

Excuse me for writting this long, but I have so many questions. And I would like to get some information about them :)