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Autor Thema: The Edain Wiki "Bug" Thread  (Gelesen 1008 mal)


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The Edain Wiki "Bug" Thread
« am: 26. Feb 2017, 01:59 »
This is the thread to report all bug and anomalies that you might discover on the wiki. You are, of course, more than welcome to edit those anomalies or mistake out yourself if you wish but we understand that user might be scared to edit because they feel unfamiliar with the way the wiki works. So if you see something that looks weird you can post it here and it'll be taken care of. I'll also give you a short list of stuff that counts as an anomaly, although if you see something that isn't listed but looks weird make sure to post it here anyways. Finally, when posting a bug don't forget to specify the page you found it on.

List of common bug
  • Bits of apparent codes such as </span>, </p>, ]] and }}
  • Missing punctuation and missing grammar (
  • Incorrect or outdated information

The only things that shouldn't be reported are the Empty Section, they have all been written down and will be filled in... eventually. That's all, with the increasing size of the wiki it's hard to keep track of everything so we would be very grateful if you guys drop a note on this thread if you see anything weird.

Example Bug Reports
Obsolete Information
On Sauron's page you forgot to state that his teleportation now has a limited range.

Visible Code
Thorin Oakenshield page has a visible </span> tag in the strategy section.

Missing Grammar
Gildor's page states "Gildor scouts ability is the bests", contains some incorrect grammar.
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