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Autor Thema: Antique Lyrics of Arda  (Gelesen 48247 mal)


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1200 am: 12. Mai 2019, 23:58 »

On top of rustic mound,
By the heathland's bound,
Lies the hay-clad dome
In the horseman's home.

Here find no rest
Buoyant folks and hapless guest.
Here peasants quail
At the Wizard's flail.

Loyal riders ran away,
Banned in sullen shameful day,
As the King ill decreed:
Is the court in dire need!

Happed have crime and woeful treason
At the algid end of season,
When the fields oft recoil,
By the ice pledging foil.

Short of vigour stays the crown;
Lies prevail and gentle drown.
People seek to free their guide
From the rancour crawling wide.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1201 am: 14. Mai 2019, 14:20 »

Long and wide he trod
The wasted wooded path,
Plied with log and rod,
Fought the Night he hath.

Shoals of foes began
To pass the ancient road,
Daring marsh and glen
In the fiercest mode.

The Eye saw it through,
A feeble weakened vale;
Then his force he drew
To end this doleful tale.

Ranger of the reed,
Wield thy piercing bow!
More than tents we need
To stem the vicious flow.

Hail thy Captain right,
Servant of the Tree!
Grander act he might,
The Son who leadeth thee.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1202 am: 15. Mai 2019, 19:28 »

Ere radiant Sun arose,
In elder age to unfold,
Safe from earthly woes
Lay a land of gold.

Past the livid wave,
Further yonder west,
Elves were glad to crave
Eternal Bliss and Rest.

Shires laden fair
With joy and mirthful relish;
Thither we shall fare,
Where faultless hearts not perish.

Besieged by fiend and guilt,
And dreading grave offence,
The Archangels wherefore built
An unbreakable Defence!

Valmar and her Bell
Shall holy fortune wreak,
Whereunder pious dwell
And lasting beauty seek.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1203 am: 17. Mai 2019, 13:55 »

It is no longer known,
Amid despair and bone,
Who chances to survive
And pass the age alive.

Demons flood the keep,
Intent along to sweep,
Breaching gates and doors
In the plight of wars.

Axes splinter shields
All across the fields,
Brandished to reclaim
What the arm shall maim.

Doom has not defeated yet
Whom the Dark beforetime met;
'Tis a Paladin of Light
Bearing fey uncanny might.

Such are odds and riddles told,
By the Fiefdom Men will hold,
Facing restless flaring rings
Round some hellish horrid wings.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1204 am: 18. Mai 2019, 17:14 »

We hanker after glee,
About mere and tree,
Roving through the green:
An olden fate foreseen.

The Elvish paean stayed
Inside the rotten glade;
Speed and joy forsook
What valour prior took.

We lade the vessel full,
So winds hereafter pull
The wailing ship afar,
Seaward to the Star.

Shall the voyage bring,
As on seagull's wing,
Firstborns way ahead
Onto bounds unsaid.

We pray that oar and mast
Will pass the ocean fast,
But a wish to fulfil
In the Land forbearing ill.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1205 am: 21. Mai 2019, 14:13 »

Hand and chisel mock
Graven stone and rock,
To capture kingly eyes,
As befits the Wise.

Regal frowns command
Virtues that withstand
The epoch running bare,
When sunsets fearsome glare.

Glorious days subside,
Swept by time and tide;
Waning wraiths bemoan
What befell the throne.

Dwelling took a ken
In the House of Men:
The Sovereign shall return
While happy hamlets burn.

Soon will pride enter
The sick woeful centre
Of human marble-core,
Which guarded fates ashore.



Mourn thou not,
My kindly lot.
Scar may flame,
Yet never tame.

Thee I praise,
O splendent ways!
Thine is pride
On noble side.

By grand and skilful fashion
Thou grew'st in vibrant passion,
While hands would wreak a treasure
Of wondrous regal measure.

A King thou hast obeyed,
Whose realm once was laid
On sacred merry soil:
A golden valiant foil.

The City ailed afire.
Wring shall I my lyre.
The foul blazing curse
Will not destroy my verse.
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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1206 am: 24. Mai 2019, 15:55 »

I wager it might work,
Yet even many irk,
Though bounden is the duty
For any chap of pity.

Fare you well, perky fellow!
This your name shall we bellow,
In the time fallen dull,
Which my spirit may not lull.

Hobbits find great remorse
For the deed, augured worse;
Nay, I fathom not the wisdom
In making sudden to the Fiefdom.

What did the Little Folk of grace
In such ferocious sullen place?
If it be to common good,
Well the lad odds withstood.

Fight will mayhap therefore spell
Lay that's really worth a tell,
So long as eager feet remain
Widely firm and ever-sane.



Of Fire, Ice and Thunder,
Which realms rend asunder,
Thou heard'st grave and grief
That shatter worlds as chief.

Pain I'm not to assuage,
As devils battle wage;
The only Saviour lieth beyond
The enchanted misty Pond.

Thine honour must repent
To live anew content.
If thou be'st to plead,
Forswear would Princes greed.

Fire shall wear out;
Ice will melt about
The Foe's ghoulish Keep,
Where Thunder rageth deep.

O western Angel lying yonder!
Thou dwell'st unspoilt within thy Wonder.
Thou dost observe with eyes keen,
From Plain and Meadow evergreen.
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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1207 am: 26. Mai 2019, 15:59 »

Bare moorlands flail
Winds and wicked gale,
Storming crop and wheat
By the horseman's seat.

Yeomen live in fear
On a peasant's tear;
Troubles have begot
Woes we fathom not.

The White Hand is nigh!
Wolves walk and pry
Along ways uncouth,
Around the brutish South.

Swoon sits the King
Whom betrayers bring
On the edge of ruin:
That's the Wizard's doing!

Knight and rusted sword,
Turned agin your lord;
Outlaws leave unfair
Crowns they're not to dare.



Ever roared the horn of War.
Spilt was blood, dried to gore.
Crude became these pitied Rocks;
Nasty fowls were drawn in flocks.

Hath the Lay woeful beckoned,
For the brave feeble Second,
Whom the story chiefly hurt
And dragged below to soulless dirt.

Ever thundered weeping skies,
Swift the darksome cloud to rise;
Hail and rain have washed away
Countless griefs, of sheer dismay.

First, thou fearest not the wheeling course
Which Time took thence for utter worse.
Yet wide discord hath bled thee white,
For red were stained swan-ports of Light.

If thou wert keen on gazing west,
Much better so it were to best
The Fiend who saith and doth mischief,
Once perished Noon and ancient Leaf.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1208 am: 27. Mai 2019, 16:27 »

So long, my green.
How fain I've seen
Your gentle Spring
And russet wing!

O larks! O deer!
No longer sheer
Shall be the Youth
Which prides in truth.

Yet Ruth I bear,
Although in wear
I suffer great,
At heart of late.

Venom blights
Days and nights,
Too deep wherein
I carried Sin.

A last Route
I shan't refute,
To take me there
Where Deathless fare.



So fresher air
Might you ensnare,
Within the gem
Of springing hem.

'Tis Hobbit's land!
Some deem it bland.
How fair domain,
Devoid of stain.

To look above
And burst with love
At silky sky
Lying gladly high.

May zephyrs kiss
This homely bliss.
O rutted road!
O simple mode!

The outer folks,
With foolish jokes,
Are envious lots
Of troubled thoughts.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1209 am: 29. Mai 2019, 11:54 »

One league ahead,
One land of dread,
By heatwaves burnt;
Some tales that weren't.

Narrated, then,
Are songs and Men
Re-seeking trust
To longer last.

Battles rage
And herefore cage
Some kings with chain
As hideous bane.

The tribes of South
A cruel Mouth
Now all revere:
The Eye they fear!

Aye, it is
Some blazing breeze
That sets alight
To drought and fright.



Two bastions in the stone
Hewn fine, strong and lone;
Once thy vessel foundered deep,
Thus to light was brought the Keep.

A keep thou deemest right,
To dare and face the Night;
His phantom rose from waves
And longeth Dark its caves.

In cave was made a Ring
Which minstrels doleful sing;
O valiant human-kind!
Your bane ye seek to find.

To find and vanquish all
By breaching Sauron's Wall,
And Blade and Lance await
Their grievous ending fate.

My Man and Elf of Good,
Ye warred and proudly stood
Agin the firing Peak
That was your doom to wreak.

O deathly sealike Lord,
Thou fled'st in pain aboard
Thy mourning alder-ship,
As Ulmo wound his Whip.

Thine Heirs were not to yield,
When oceans sank the Field;
In sullied lands now tower
Two Realms, Tree, and Flower.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1210 am: 30. Mai 2019, 14:40 »

The unlucky one you shield from ill;
So eager comes your faultless will
At the court of time and fate:
'Tis a daunting gloomy wait.

Kingless rest the ways of Men.
Dreary gets the quiet glen
Which fouler feet now tread in haste:
Gullies die and brooks then waste.

Just fangs and claws to guard the vale
That Sun avoids, to plunge much pale.
The ranks of Shadow walk anew:
A path to leave, grand foolish you!

Unless a force be well reborn,
Shall the kingdom render torn
A creeping wight of man-discord:
We hail a Head! We hail a Lord!

The crownless yearns his land to lead;
His truly vivid ardent creed.
He shan't recoil or throne defect:
His people just he will protect.



Crossing hedge, amid the reed,
Lurk a wraith and darkling steed.
They move across the haunted wood;
Another sign of vicious brood.

They crawl inside the shade of eve,
Among the lanes which sombre grieve,
For bidden was the restless slave
To rove the soil and dread the wave.

They come from fiendish lawless place.
Without a name; without a face.
Nine Rings they got by snare and guile,
Delaying demise for so a while.

And bound they were beneath the Moon,
These fated ghosts that make one swoon.
They seek a little furtive lad,
Whom sundry griefs shall anguish sad.

Behold, they bolt away in wreathing dust!
Flocks of birds flee swift aghast.
Pray, I wish hereafter luck
For humble folks, in mire stuck.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1211 am: 31. Mai 2019, 15:54 »

My sunlit verse, thou farest far.
Aggrieved my wit, neath omen-star.
Beside the Lords we stout remain,
Content with joy and holy reign.

The Vala sealed his merry country
To save the dearest deathless gentry;
Each peak he raised enormous higher,
A hundredfold, so bade the Sire.

His mighty host hath set a guard
To avert the fell and bar the marred.
No demon shall again besiege
The Immortal Kingdom past the Bridge.

A bridge of mist and potent spell
Thee keepeth stray from hallowed Bell;
Didst thou some honest deed,
To atone in full for creeping greed?

Alone thou art and faithful dost
What oaths decreed, through slaying and blast.
I would thou wert the storm to weather,
Ere hither-shores are sunk deep nether.



Ah, the queer Abroad you seek to enquire!
Of it speaks oft the blatant liar.
Too fearful Hobbits stay inside,
Recoiling pale at larger wide.

We hear the tale of fainting shires,
That gravely suffer evil fires,
Or valiant wall they set to halt
Whom noble loathe and hail as fault.

The stony kingdom you shall find
Which many trust and bear in mind
As last defender of the earth,
While wishing Men the hoped rebirth.

Dwarven lots are rare to meet;
Likewise Elves depart in fleet.
The latter sail to never wane,
Escaping time and future bane.

I wager you might mend the ill
That now ascends with eager will
To yoke the free and realms invade,
Inflicting wound and wielding blade.
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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1212 am: 3. Jun 2019, 13:00 »

Once upon a glorious age
Used the very worthy sage
To call the North as mighteous one,
By rule of Heir and bravest Son.

A king sat glad in graven throne
Of such a polished fearless stone;
Masons found sublime delight
In moulding ore and shaping right.

Delved were towns and regal halls,
Along with fortress, deep and walls.
No common foe would venture thither,
For bandits quailed; vile weeds that wither.

Yet menace sprang from dreary heights,
Spectral seat of ghouls and wights.
A sword was drawn and shone aflame,
Releasing swarms that order maim.

And cold unchained an ancient fiend:
Herald thence of scourging wind.
Men were stormed and smitten down,
Bequeathing doleful shreds of crown.



Thine enmity I treasure
With fondly welcome pleasure
As token of good sign,
To banquet for with wine.

We feast and sing content.
We utter no lament.
We hanker for a dream.
We gravely hurt beseem.

Thine enmity is burden
To wearied guard and warden.
Albeit honoured to resist,
Fain might others us assist.

Dark Lord, thee Men have learnt
To loathe and hate, on regions burnt.
On felon-deeds we weighed thy scheme:
So fool of us thy words to deem!

Thou now thinkest fell indeed
To wake thy gruesome phantom-steed.
Defeat thou sawest plainly clear,
Since Gold accursed thou holdest dear.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1213 am: 4. Jun 2019, 15:27 »

In guise of hell, as paled the moon,
Blew fiercely strong a great typhoon
Which seethed across in utter ire,
Boding death for lord and squire.

Soon were sylvan reeds to mourn,
Reduced in ash, by fire worn.
Tried had hands to slay the beast,
That ruin begot along the East.

Darts could nought but sadly fail,
Stayed by sturdy dragon-scale,
And arrows flew in vain to fight
The approaching blast of blazing blight.

Cries resounded, voices rose.
Ills betided all in rows.
Folly took a king for serf,
Ruining halls of valiant Dwarf.

Alas, misfortune did away
With carven stone and chiselled clay.
Therein a grave was dug profound;
A beckoned monster; a flaring hound.



Heed the mage's word,
By dreary wood or ford,
While passing far beyond
The bound you cherish fond.

Advice you need for sure,
For odds are brought to fore,
When sunset stretches long;
When minstrels grieve in song.

Orbs shall wester still
Past silent stellar chill,
And days will fade away,
Though ever not astray.

Countless paths you'll tread,
To darkness bound to head,
Until the air is stifling smoke;
Until the world is all a yoke.

Fear is not to slow your pace.
Courage lives on Hobbit-face.
Fair enough shall deeds befall,
If answered fine this story's call.


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Re: Antique Lyrics of Arda
« Antwort #1214 am: 8. Jun 2019, 14:23 »

Forevermore shalt thou rest.
A sleep on meadow ever-best.
Too wild he burnt within thy womb.
Too vast discord was set to loom.

Thine incandescent kin inside
Yearned and flamed alight of pride.
A son thou borest unto plight,
Fated thence to rule in might.

A glaring star was brought to life,
Born from strain; apt for strife.
Of jewels wright he came to be,
Around the splendour-age of Tree.

Amidst the Noon she chose to dwell,
As Varda filled with glee her well;
And Manwë blessed his land secure,
Providing fain to wear a cure.

Yet maids bewailed the Elven-queen.
On green unstained she slumbered clean.
Spent thou art, embalmed with care,
Reposing faint, amaranthine-fair.



Behind the hedge we stay,
So well and safe away
From peril growing bold
And algid northern cold.

Grey and sullen got
This morn and lively lot,
Since darker dreams occurred,
When gaffers dithered bored.

But Hobbits carry still
Their merry busy mill,
And odds import a little
Among good fest and vittle.

Dangers pry outside,
Where vicious spirits glide
Aloft and very wild,
Frightening the mild!

Some gentle Men await
At outer border's gate,
Patrolling lane and brook
With keenest eye and look.