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could you make it real please?

first i would like to change witch-king skin to the one in shadow of angmar game
1 (33.3%)
second angmar has no subfaction so why we don't add the trolls of the north as a subfaction for it
1 (33.3%)
third we can add agendaur from the war of the north game as a new hero for angmar and thank you :)
1 (33.3%)

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Autor Thema: make angmar cool again  (Gelesen 719 mal)


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make angmar cool again
« am: 22. Mär 2017, 22:14 »
hello there
i have some ideas for angmar faction :)


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Re: make angmar cool again
« Antwort #1 am: 22. Mär 2017, 23:08 »
Welcome to the forum, abdo5720315 :)

Despite I appreciate your efforts to improve the Edain Mod, your post is lacking the proper requirements to be valuable. Precisely:

1. Polls are not permitted until there are two or more detailed, explained and well consolidated ideas, and users reading them may vote for their favorite one
2. You haven't explained why you would like to implement these features, nor you have motivated your opinions

As for a general answer, those changes are very unlikely, atleast the second and the third ones, because:

2. The Edain Team has stated that they won't add Trolls of the North to Angmar either because they wouldn't fit the faction and would make Angmar overpowered. As for why Angmar doesn't have a subfaction, it's because Angmar didn't have any external allies during its lifespan, so it would be unfitting giving it a subfaction (furthermore, who would you deem fitting for Angmar?)

3. Angmar has a very large hero roster, therefore adding Agaundaur wouldn't be necessary, and also repetitive, because his role would overlap those of other already existing heroes


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Re: make angmar cool again
« Antwort #2 am: 23. Mär 2017, 00:06 »
DrHouse has already told you about the guidelines of the Moderators in regards of polls. Before any option is submitted to the general consensus, there ought to be some sort of discussion; that's compulsory. Introducing your own proposals and arguments via the actual poll is simply not permitted. You have to discuss and debate first.

I will give you the time you need, in order to edit the first post and present your ideas as you should. The poll will remain visible, but I shall lock it. I will also remove the other comment of yours, which is basically the replica of this one: posting identical comments goes against the forum rules. I therefore encourage you to share your suggestions in a much clearer shape.