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Autor Thema: Edain Mod on Discord  (Gelesen 1595 mal)


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Edain Mod on Discord
« am: 20. Apr 2017, 21:16 »
Although the Edain mod has been using Tuungle and Gameranger for multiple support for years. Not only for setting up games on LAN but also to allow players to communicate with each other.  Yes I am aware the number of players on Tuungle is displayed on the Edain website but the lack of players on the Tuungle server still persists anyway. I feel that those programs are insufficient for true Edain community interaction.

My suggestion is that the Edain team setups a Discord server for the following reasons.

1. It will serve as a hub for players to interact with one another in a program that has been known for being a reliable form of online communication and has been used for games like League of Legends, DOTA, Starcraft II, Minecraft and so many more.

2. Once a player joins the Edain server they will likely have it bookmarked, so they are more likely to remember to join the Edain multiplayer servers are Tuungle as compared to only joining the Tuungle servers once they receive an update from the Edain mod page.

3. It would serve as a way for the developers to communicate with their players during their spare time, there's a reason the players are barraging the devs with questions, the forums are unreliable when it comes to cataloging the developer's responses to fan question. But with a Discord server developer responses can be catalog into a chat room.

Overall I am not saying Discord should replace Tuungle and further divide the fan base. I am saying Discord can serve as a social outlet for players to communicate and arrange games. The reality is, no one uses Tuungle or Gameranger that much anymore, I have seen obscure fan games that have at least 50 people in the Discord chat rooms on a daily basis while on Tuungle, on a good day there's like 20 people, and they barely communicate.

If the Edain mod is going to progress in the future it needs a chat server that is already popular. Where players can communicate with the devs in a chat box as compared to waiting for days or weeks through forums. As well as giving players a faster way to communicate with each other in an environment they are likely already familiar with. The devs can also put the Tuungle link on the Discord page as well.

 Overall I love the Edain mod, I think the multiplayer skirmishes are way more fun and balanced than many modern RTS games. But it's been a huge pain arranging multiplayer games and I feel that it would be to everyone's benefit that a Discord server is established for the Edain mod. So everyone can have as easier time arranging matches for their game.


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Re: Edain Mod on Discord
« Antwort #1 am: 21. Jun 2017, 21:23 »
I support this. I play on Discord with some other Edain fans and we would join a dedicated server in a heartbeat. It's hard to find new people to play with since I don't use Tungle and the Edain launcher multiplayer link doesn't work since I dont have a disk drive so nothing in that launcher works except update.


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Re: Edain Mod on Discord
« Antwort #2 am: 18. Jul 2017, 20:08 »
Great Idea! If anyone would need any help, feel free to write. I love helping everyone


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Re: Edain Mod on Discord
« Antwort #3 am: 24. Jul 2017, 15:01 »
This looks like something quite a few people want, so it's worth giving it a shot. I'm starting an unofficial (for now) Edain Server with a friend. Anybody is welcome to join, I'll make a more formal announcement once we've got a bit of a community built up.
Come chat Edain on Discord: https://discord.gg/CMhkeb8
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Re: Edain Mod on Discord
« Antwort #4 am: 11. Aug 2017, 19:57 »
I am very glad to announce that I have just opened a sticky and own official thread for the Edain Discord, which is to serve as the sole main place where to ask for information, suggest improvements or just enjoy frank talking about this project. Everything under the wise guidance of Necro, who is one of the very founders of the Edain Discord Community :)