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Autor Thema: General note and questions on 4.5  (Gelesen 481 mal)


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General note and questions on 4.5
« am: 21. Apr 2017, 11:26 »
Hello ! Sorry for the large amount of text, and for my English! In connection with the latest news from the Edain Team, several questions arise. I would like to ask them:
1) Gondor has very good defensive abilities, namely Beregond as a hero supporting buildings and + abilities and spell books. (Especially instant restoration of buildings). Also Edain Team announced new abilities of Cirdan and they are beautiful! (Excellent support for buildings and siege guns) But my question is: What will happen to the gnomes ??? After all, they are the best builders and smiths in Middle-earth! (Yes they have runes and they are beautiful, but it seems to me that this is not enough) And strangely enough they do not have the abilities to restore, repair buildings! Therefore, the question: In the following patches will there be some defensive or abilities that will give support for buildings ???
2) Problems with super heroes who have an all-powerful effect on the game !!! . Everyone knows the problem with the immortal and all-powerful Thorin. Indeed, he is very strong! However, I have a remark that he is not alone in the game: a Saruman after receiving the ring (And blessed and damned, he gets 5 times stronger after getting the ring!) Only think about + 300% damage or armor! With its radius of damage!) ) And Sauron (his massive abilities allow him to directly win the battle, even without the army!) If a strong player with a good game experience gets the ring, then with the help of Sauron, he will almost doom his enemy to defeat !!! In my opinion this is a little unfair! The suicidal abilities must get the balance!
3) Balance of Heroes! So there are certain problems of the balance of the heroes: namely, the inflated cost of Gimli (in the usual mode Gimli is inferior to Haldir !, and only with the help of his abilities he wins! And this at a price of 2500 versus 1600 !!!), the weak abilities of Glorfindel, , The effect of the action is weak), Aragorn's weakness as a king! His leadership is the worst in the game! And duplication of the army of the dead! As it seems to me it should be either in Aragorn or in the book of incantations. Although it seems to me that it would have been better and canonical for Aragorn! Weak statistics for WK and Dain (although I admit that despite the April Fool's joke, I like that Edain Team has so creatively approached this issue, and it clearly proves that there is a chance to get in 4.5 incredible Dain!), Incomprehensible to me Gorthaur! He offers very interesting options in the form of a vampire, werewolf and Anatar, but his abilities, in principle, like his basic ones, require a certain alteration! After all, the player spends a lot of time and energy to get Gorthaur! And the reality is that it is only slightly better than the Necromancer! That is clearly incommensurable costs. And I think that you yourself can give other examples of such situations! So now the question itself: Will any attention to such problems be removed ??? If anyone is interested in this person Calger compares different characters! (http://Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqGdMq7AoRYj09dcjEjeqUA).
4) DarkOne already raised the issue of the problem with Isengard's mine! It is very useful as a siege weapon, but in practice its implementation is reduced to zero! No one practically uses it, especially in tournaments and similar games! So of course we were offered to connect it with shields exactly like a battering ram! Will this matter be considered ???
5) Edain Team announced that in 4.5 will be implemented a new system of siege and defense! And it's super. But there are some concerns about several issues, namely: When playing for Mordor, the player gets the opportunity to build a fort Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul. The main problem is that they are already in 4.4.1. Less valuable to the player than Mirkwood or Dale, or the fortress of Dol Amroth !!!. They provide the player with improvements in the form of strengthening the economy, defense, the treatment of troops and the mobilization of troops! Which do not provide subtle improvements for Mordor, so I'm afraid that with the release of 4.5, will not the difference in utility increase? Will the fortresses of Dol Guldur and Minas Morgul be strengthened ???

Thanks you !