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Autor Thema: Featured Items Suggestion Thread  (Gelesen 1401 mal)


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Featured Items Suggestion Thread
« am: 3. Mai 2017, 17:54 »
Since the Voting Thread had low activity recently and there hadn't been much news of the Edain Team we in our internal community decided that there is no longer the necessity to have Voting Threads each month so the featured stuff would change olny when there news from Edain Team are released.

Instead in this new Featured Items Suggestion Thread people can suggest featured image, quote, article and poll whenever they want, so if there is given a reason behind the suggestion we will approve it.

Of course as said in the previous threads: there are no rules for suggesting a featured items but it should be chosen with some amount of reasoning behind them and should be relevant to some recent events related to the Mod (does include fan-made content such as custom maps, submods and strategy guides,).

With this new system applied there will no longer be the voting period, everything will be decided openly just replying to this thread.
Since there is no time limit of this thread it should remain open initially.

And remember: Even if you're not wiki editor you're more than welcome to suggest featured image, quote and article.