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Autor Thema: The Road to Edain 4.5 : New Dwarven Spellbook  (Gelesen 1667 mal)


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The Road to Edain 4.5 : New Dwarven Spellbook
« am: 30. Mai 2017, 21:58 »
Greetings companions of the Edain,

today we present the next reworked spellbook:


Naturally the dwarves also get a reworked spellbook. Because there are 3 different dwarven factions, but only one spellbook, it was not easy to find one who fits to all factions. But all dwarven factions have a focus on architecture and so does the spellbook. A few spells already led in this direction. But we also wanted to include the craftsmanship of the dwarves and their readiness to fight. So we removed 3 spells and added 2 new ones. One of these is the central spell, which is unique. Furthermore 4 spells were reworked.

You can read more about the new spellbook structure in general, including the new long-term and short-term strategic trees, in our first Edain 4.5 Spellbook Update.


As you might guessed the healing-spell, "Dwarven Beer" is gone. It always was more a fill-in spell than a fitting spell for the dwarves. Also it was in way to many spellbooks. The "Rallying Call" and "Carc's Ravens" are now the spells of the first row and we think they are quite fitting. We had the feeling that the ravens were often only used as a debuff and not for scouting. So we changed the concept of the spell.

"Carc's Ravens": Control the ravens and send them to an own structure. Nearby enemies loose 25% armour and damage. Nearby allied buildings gain +50% armour and +200% sight. Does not affect walls.

Now the ravens have a more passive role, because you cannot control them actively. If you use the spell on a building the ravens change their location. So you can only move them if the spell is ready and you can only guard one building. The spell is in EG very good, because you get a lot of sight. Because of the debuff it is still useful in LG.

"Rallying Call" stays the same.


Both spells of the second row are already known and they barely changed. The "Lone Tower" fits perfectly in the left branch of the dwarven spellbook. Yes it is same as Gondors but also blends well with the other spells of the dwarves, like the "Dwarven Runes". Because of a slightly debuff, the tower should not be as powerful as before.
On the right branch there is also a building summon to strengthen the significance of buildings and defenses in the dwarven spellbook. "Undermine" is a well known and offensive summon, which can be used to surprise the enemy in the right moment. It costs 2 spellpoints now.


In the third row there are 2 spells from the old second row and there is also a new spell on the left:

"Weapon Art of the Dwarves": Dwarven units with Heavy Armour and Forged Blades/Fire Arrows gain additionally +15% armour and damage.

It is a spell which focuses on the smithery of the dwarves, which was important for us in the new spellbook. This spell enables the player to upgrade his units in LG even further.

The "Dwarven Runes" were also reworked:

"Dwarven Runes": Offers a variety of different runes, that can be attached to dwarven buildings.

There are 4 runes:

1. Rune of Inviolability: The chosen building gets +50% armour.

2. Rune of Inspiration: Allies nearby the chosen building gain +15% armour and damage for 30 seconds. As before the effect stays even if the units leave the area of influence.

3. Rune of Power: The chosen building gets every frequently repaired. Every 20s 500HP are restored.

4. Rune of Productivity: The chosen training building trains units 30% faster. Economy buildings produce 30% more resources.

Because of it's diversity the spell is useful in every game situation. You can boost your economy, train troops faster or generally play a defensive tactic. It also is a good spell to upgrade the dwarven defenses to get them as strong as they should be.
You can use all four runes on one building and all runes have their separate timer. So you can use them quite often, unlike Radagst. Runes do not work on the citadel.

On the right side there are two known spells. "Gandalf the Grey" did not change much, but got a light and stun effect when summoned.

The "Beorn" spell was strengthened, because it moved to the third row. Now there are 4 beornings and Beorn spawned, which can change their form.


It was difficult to find a central spell for the dwarves, because of the three factions. At the end we found a common ground: All dwarves fight to the last man.
The new central spell is:

"Final Stand": Allies in the target area gain four times as much armour, are immune against knock-back and slow down cavalry twice as much for 20 seconds.

The central spell of the dwarves is special. It is the only one which is active. The spell can be deciding a fight, when your troops are surrounded or  slightly weaker than the enemy. So even a hopeless battle can be won. We thought this is a good spell for the fiercely-fighting dwarves.


The final spells were already quite fitting for the dwarves. The "Summon Citadel" is the defensive spell and the "Earthquake" will be the offensive spell. "Earthquake"  is a perfect finisher, because it also knocks down units.

We hope you enjoyed the update and look forward to your feedback.

Your Edain Team