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Autor Thema: Out of memory problem  (Gelesen 865 mal)


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Out of memory problem
« am: 14. Jul 2017, 13:28 »
Hi guys,
I found this mod 3 days ago, and I find it incredible. The only problem is that my game crashes when I reach 30\40 minutes of game using 1080p textures, 10\15 minutes if I use 4k textures. The reason is that the game goes "out of memory". I have 16gb of ram and a 1080ti. How is possible that I can't play it on 1080p on 8 players map? Do I really need 32gb of ram?
Is there any solution without upgrading ram?


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Re: Out of memory problem
« Antwort #1 am: 20. Jul 2017, 20:58 »
It's no RAM Problem. The game's just too old to handle these high graphic settings [ugly]. Try setting them a little lower as well as the resolution (720p usually work) and it should stop crashing.

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Re: Out of memory problem
« Antwort #2 am: 22. Jul 2017, 19:59 »
Are you seriously telling me that I have to play this incredible game with such horrible resolution? Why did they put 4k textures so?