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Autor Thema: An Edain Submod: Presentation  (Gelesen 3766 mal)


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An Edain Submod: Presentation
« am: 1. Aug 2017, 22:35 »
An Edain Submod: Presentation

Greetings everyone!
I will introduce An Edain Submod with some explanations.

This is a special Submod whch work with maps...
When you will install it you will get new maps in Edain Mod game named "Submod: NameOfTheMap*" for exemple the new Minas Tirith will be named "Submod: Minas Tirith".
All the modifications contained in the Submod will work with these maps and only with them, if you want to play to the normal version of Edain you just need to click on aby old maps (all the maps which haven't "Submod:" in their name) like that you don't need to uninstall the Submod each time when you want to play Edain.

Why a submod which work with maps?
I think this is the best way to make an original content.
- First I very like edain and I think it is perfect. I so decide to keep it like the edain concepters decide to give it.
This system which so allow me to keep Edain Mod adding it an original touch.
- In a second time I can say than with this system the number max of factions will be illimited and I will not be obligaded to make subfaction.
For exemple If I want to make a faction KazadDum in map moria I can without make her as a subfaction of erebor.
- Also this system allow me to choose different game strategies for the balance of the game.
I want to update all factions to the specific maps:
In minas Tirith Gondor fight against 3 Mordor, I will so make Gondor stronger to balance the game.

The SubMod will also contain some fixed factions which will not change with the maps.
Theses own factions will be found in all the skirmish maps which will be added in the Submod. The name of the Submod skirmish maps will contain "Submod: NameOfTheMap" (without asterisk*).

For more information visite this: http://www.moddb.com/mods/glorfindel23-submod/news/glorfindel23-submod-presentation
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