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Autor Thema: Looking to edit game modes/command points  (Gelesen 453 mal)


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Looking to edit game modes/command points
« am: 8. Aug 2017, 15:34 »
I'm a PvE player only so I'm looking to make SP games as decent as possible for me. As such I'm wanting to essentially merge the settings of the epic gamemode (for the CP and maybe the build speed increase, but not entirely bothered by that) with legendary heroes so they can also stand their ground a little more. If anything, just increase the CP in legendary heroes mode.

I'm wondering where I can edit gamemodes in the ini? I'm not having much luck in finding the ini inside the data.big for Edain. Thought it might be an edain map script or something too, but I'm sort of lost.

I've tried editing the baseline command point numbers in the gamedata.ini, however, the changes don't seem to stick (always start at 300 CP max) so I'm assuming the mod is getting the settings from elsewhere but I don't know where. Google searches and whatnot haven't really unearthed any suggestions either. At this rate I'm going to end up modifying the baseline CP gain from fortresses etc.

Just looking for a little help is all.

Edit: Even editing the generic fortress baseline CP gain in gamedata.inc does nothing...
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Re: Looking to edit game modes/command points
« Antwort #1 am: 14. Okt 2017, 01:10 »
How can I change the command point limit , because the 3000 is to low to me ?