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Autor Thema: Observations on Defend the Shire Map  (Gelesen 264 mal)


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Observations on Defend the Shire Map
« am: 16. Sep 2017, 11:23 »
OP, could use a nerf. Start with one banner carrier and two peasants then from there spam banner carriers. You'll only lose a few rounds and once you've upgraded them you'll never lose again. Then just spam and upgrade and you can easily spam through anything. They don't have the strongest late game but it's strong enough to win any wave. They're easy access to cavalry nullifies cavalry round and spear throwers nullify monster rounds.

Rhovanion (Isengard)
Very tricky, possibly slightly underpowered. The trick is to have a nice balance of short terms investments (soldier upgrades) and long term investments (captain and beornings). Once you get enough captains,unit upgrades will become free, but it might be too late. Only managed it cause my teammate (Rohan) was funding me bucketloads. I tried the elite start (upgrading a single unit to the max right off the bat),I tried the beorning start and I tried the spam start, I had minor success with the spam start. Requires a lot of micro to avoid that flank damage.

Seems about balanced. The first two rounds are tricky but they seem to do okay after, they benefit greatly from an early Erebor Guardian (armor debuff) and an early Endless Pain. They struggle against high health/damage single targets but apart from Rohan everybody does. I'll play more with them later, but I assume the base of their idea is to have a balanced amount of each buff/debuff they provide. If you manage to get a iron breaker up quickly you'll fare far better against hero waves.

More to come later...

General Observations
Right off the bat it's key to notice all the little numbers in the list of units you can summon. You'll soon notice they don't all have the same income ratio. The ones at the beginnings all have an equal price and income. But as you get further, you'll notice that they cost more than they give in income, starting with the mini-spiders. Of course, there are good reasons behind that, buff/debuffs, stronger units, ect... But it's important to know whether you trying to win the economic battle or the army battle

Second of all, Micro. Micro management is usually pretty important but here it is even more, since all are single unit that means 3/4 of the attack-able surface they present counts as flanking damage. This means the early waves (and late waves for the factions that prefer quantity over quality) can be lost if you offer yourself to the enemy's blade. Instead, try to group your units in mini-battalions, protecting each other's side and forming a uniform front any tactic is good whether straight line or square box. As long as you protect your sides. This will reduce the damage and increases your odds of survival.

Stances, as far as I'm aware changing your stance doesn't affect anything, so don't bother. A shame, a lot of times you bring the enemy down to red in a single hit, and perhaps with the stance boost it would be enough.

Don't be afraid to leak. A leak is bound to happen (unless you're a god), don't panic. There is no need to rush for the cheapest way to get more units, instead consider your options. If the enemy's health was dropped to red perhaps a simple units buff or enemy debuff is all you need, upgrading your units to cross that gap would work better on the long term than spamming out cheap units. I'm not saying cheap spam isn't a strategy but it's not always the best strategy.
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