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Autor Thema: Imladris Spellbook Proposal  (Gelesen 1223 mal)


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Imladris Spellbook Proposal
« am: 22. Sep 2017, 07:54 »
Hi all, I've had some ideas for Imladris' upcoming spellbook rework, and wanted see what the community thought. My hope is that we can have some good discussions over what you like and don't like. I certainly don't think its perfect, so please be honest. I simply want this to create some interesting points for discussion and maybe we can collectively come up with some ideas the Edain team would like to use.

Influence of Aule: “Targets a friendly structure. Structure is temporarily indestructible and passively repairs itself for the duration of the power.”
Heal: Same as current heal power. Definitely makes sense lore-wise for Imladris to keep their Heal ability

Light of the Evenstar: Grants heroes faster health regen and 25% faster ability cooldowns, but also reduces cost of hero recruitment, since the power has moved from 2pp to 3pp.
Summon Hobbit Allies: Same as current hobbit summon power. Again, it makes sense lore-wise and is helpful to Imladris in early game when they have few soldiers.

Arwen’s Banner: “Places a banner anywhere on the map which grants leadership to nearby troops. Also decreases the cost of recruitment for units from the Library, Barracks, and Green Pasture by 5% for each Arwen’s Banner on the map.”
Luthien’s Song: Functions like the current power, but must be buffed with longer duration and larger AOE to make up for the increase from 3pp to 5pp.
Breath of Manwe: Functions similiarly to the current power, except that it also weakens the armor of affected enemies for a time afterward.
The Lady of Lothlorien: “Summons Galadriel temporarily to the aid of her fellow elves.” Summoned Galadriel would have a limited ability set compared to the Lothlorien faction hero.

Guardians of the Old Forest: Summons Old Man Willow as a permanent structure that can be placed anywhere. Old Man Willow doesn’t move, but will attack passing enemies. Tom Bombadil and Goldberry can be summoned to Old Man Willow temporarily. Tom Bombadil functions as he does currently and can roam the map; while Goldberry attacks with wind and water from afar and is effective against structures.
Last Alliance: Functions the same as the current Last Alliance Power, but with a longer duration.

Ancient Lore: This spell would function just like the Dwarven Runes spell in the Dwarven faction, in that it activates several mini powers. The Scroll of Fortitude permanently increased the HP of a selected structure by 50%. The Scroll of Plenty permanently increases the production of one resource building by 50%(not stackable with Erestor’s influence). The Scroll of Experience increases the experience points of all troops within a small radius. The Scroll of Warfare fully upgrades one squad of units and gives them and troops near them passive health regen.

That's all folks! Please comment and let me know how this could be improved!


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Re: Imladris Spellbook Proposal
« Antwort #1 am: 24. Sep 2017, 01:11 »
Thank you very much for having forwarded your thoughts. Concepts and diverse ideas from the community are what this forum feeds from.

Regarding these suggestions of yours, it is quite hard to give a comprehensive response and state whether I like this proposed spellbook or not. In the words of FG, Rivendell's spells are for the most part finalised. I recently tested them and they are obviously different from the ones you have conceived. I shall thus stick to what is to be showcased (soon, I hope). Nevertheless, the most controversial of the choices that your concept encompasses is the summoning of Galadriel. I know that she would not be given all of her abilities, balance-wise, but I don't see the reason for her to come for the rescue of Imladris. Contrary to Aragorn or Gandalf, Galadriel is mostly a sedentary character, with the duty to safeguard her kingdom as the Lady of Lórien; I believe that this trait is even reflected in the very game, mainly via her preponderant supportive role. Henceforth, conceptually and lore-wise, Galadriel is the heroine I deem the least appropriate for a summoning spell.


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Re: Imladris Spellbook Proposal
« Antwort #2 am: 25. Sep 2017, 07:53 »
I'm glad to hear that the Imladris spell book is nearly complete! The Edain team has amazed me so far with the released 4.5 spell books, and I can't wait to try them all out.
Regarding Galadriel, I was looking for a similiar alternative to the White Council summon, but your point makes a lot of sense. Glad to be able to share ideas, I'm looking forward to the new material! Thanks for your response!