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Autor Thema: edain mod new faction Isildur Elendil and Gil-galad  (Gelesen 489 mal)


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My Opinion I would like to ask if you can build a faction with the Elendil Isildur and with the  Gil-galad from the Second Age. I know you make many things the spells and many other things you can do for a good job continue the work  :)


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Re: edain mod new faction Isildur Elendil and Gil-galad
« Antwort #1 am: 28. Sep 2017, 13:29 »
No, because the mod plays with a few exceptions exclusively in the Third Age. They will stay as a spell for Imladris.
Vielen Dank an CMG für das tolle Banner und den tollen Avatar. :)


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Re: edain mod new faction Isildur Elendil and Gil-galad
« Antwort #2 am: 29. Sep 2017, 19:33 »
Those legendary characters had better remain as a feature of Rivendell's spellbook. They would have no place in a Mod set in the Third Age, other than their current presence as a temporary spell. Only via the present system can they genuinely be of use for the player, alongside bringing in the game the magnificent motive of the LOTR prologue, which has become a sort of legend for anyone interested in the saga.

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