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Monster Master
« am: 28. Sep 2017, 23:24 »
Three players on one team, “The Monster Slayers,” start on one corner of the map, while a fourth player, “The Monster Master,” starts on the opposite corner. The Monster Master's camp is beneath a large mountain with three entrances.

The map is a vast plains, but it is crawling with a great number of monster lairs, with wild monsters of every kind, from lowly goblins to fire drakes. All of these monster dens guard the only outpost and settlement plots on the map, and there are quite a lot of them for The Monster Slayers to lay claim to once they destroy the monster dens surrounding them.

The Monster Slayers have a goal on this map; they must destroy every monster lair that is plaguing the land, and then ultimately defeat the Monster Master beneath Monster Mountain. Riches and glory await the Monster Slayers as they fell each monster lair on their way closer and closer to their dark enemy. They can all work as a team, or they can compete against one another to see who will defeat the Monster Master by themselves, eliminating the others.

The Monster Master is not defenseless though. He plays a special faction with its own units and buildings, all of them quite powerful in their own right. In his camp build plots, the Monster Master can construct his own special monster lairs, which all automatically generate resources and provide command points, while spawning passive monsters to help defend the citadel. In addition, these special lairs can also recruit monsters of all kinds depending on the building.

The Monster Master also has access to a special spellbook full of spells that fit the theme of summoning beasts and creatures of all kinds. He can ambush someone wit ha flood of goblins and orcs, shatter enemy ranks by unearthing a Watcher Kraken or fire-breathing Wurm, haunt an area with barrow wights and other vermin, build a free monster lair anywhere on the map for added protection and forces, and even summon one of three titanic beasts, a Balrog, a Summoned Dragon, or a Giant Werewolf.

The Monster Master's goal is to wipe out the Monster Slayers who dare oppose him.