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Autor Thema: Sandbox Map  (Gelesen 1005 mal)


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Sandbox Map
« am: 28. Sep 2017, 23:26 »
This is a one-player map with plenty of settlements and outpost plots, and the player starts out in a castle. While a one-player map seems pretty boring at first, there is a catch to this map. On the right side of the screen are some buttons that the player can press to for a variety of effects, so that the player can test out their units and heroes against a variety of threats.

One button is “call the swarm,” which is an editable function where the player can choose units of any kind in any number—then when they hit the button, the units are summoned in an area, becoming hostile, and heading for the middle of the map where the player can fight them. Infantry, cavalry, archers, heroic battalions, monsters, they're all available.

Another button is “call the beast” which can allow the player to summon special monster units, such as a summoned dragon, a giant werewolf, or a balrog. Those creatures arrive in a part of the field and remain there until killed.

Another button is “call the hero” which can allow the player to summon an enemy hero unit from any faction at any level, or summon multiple heroes. They appear in a spot on the map so the player can send their soldiers to fight them.

The last button is “call the fortress,” which lets a player conjure one or more buildings in a special area on the map, from a single farm to a fully fledged fortress complete with walls, towers, and a citadel. This allows the player to test their siege weapons.

For added convenience, there's an area of the map called the “Gollum Cage,” where Gollum always spawns and respawns. Here, the player can easily access the One Ring to activate their ring hero for more testing, without having to chase Gollum all throughout the map. When the ring is lost, Gollum and the ring always respawn in the Gollum Cage.

The purpose of this map is to allow the player to test the mechanics of their units, buildings, heroes, and the like, without needing a second player to assist, and without bad players from ruining everything. As the closest thing to this sandbox mode is just loading any normal map with only one player and fighting weak monsters, having a sandbox map may be useful for beta testers and designers to experiment with various units and buildings, while also being a sort of training ground for new players.


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Re: Sandbox Map
« Antwort #1 am: 3. Okt 2017, 19:09 »
My first thought was, that it wouldn't be necessary to make a complete new testmap since there already are some good ones. But in your proposal i can see a cool funmap as well as a very usefull map for us testers. Instead of waiting for a second player to come online and then making some boring tests, you could just do that alone and even much quicker.

But i think this might be really much work, but if someone wants to make one, this kind of map would really be useful!

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