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Autor Thema: Battle of Reddened Wood  (Gelesen 846 mal)


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Battle of Reddened Wood
« am: 30. Sep 2017, 16:50 »
This is a six-player map, where everybody starts out in a fortress. It's a heavily forested map with some river crossings and some lakes, with barrow wight and spider lairs all around, and also the occasional cave troll lair. However, there are also some other denizens of this forest who finds the skirmish between these six warlords to be unwelcome.

On occasion as one explores this map, players will encounter Ent Moots and Beorninger Homesteads, both of which are controlled by no-one. Instead, they're controlled by a computer player that is hostile to all. On occasion, there are ents or beornings that spawn and respawn at these places, and they will chase away anyone who disturbs their peace by entering their territory. The only way to be rid of these angry ents and disgruntled skin-changers is to destroy their homes—but there are always at least three of them surrounding each homestead or moot, making the ordeal quite challenging.

At some place on this map, one can find Radagast the Brown's treehouse. He isn't home though, likely because he's fled the skirmishers in the map. If anyone decides to attack this house, a swarm of enraged bears and ents will spawn in that area and go on a rampage. This could come in handy when a player needs to rouse up some monsters to disrupt an opponent's forces, but for the most part, it's ill advised to disturb Radagast's house.

As an added feature, a wily fox wanders about this map. Any player who spots him can give chase, and if one of their units touches it, the fox disappears and that player gains a huge boon of 7000 resources. Then the fox will appear elsewhere on the map, wandering around aimlessly. Be wary though, since the fox can also lead his hunters right into the territory of hostile beornings and ents, resulting in heavy losses.