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Autor Thema: Combat Hotkeys  (Gelesen 454 mal)


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Combat Hotkeys
« am: 6. Okt 2017, 17:37 »
Hi all, I want to know if its possible for the Edain team to add hotkeys to increase the strategic options available to the player, or if this is simply hardwired into the game.

For example, I used to play Age of Empires, and one feature I loved was that you could select a battalion and while pressing a hotkey("D") I think, you could click another unit or building. This made it so the battalion would defend that specific unit. So, in game, you could select a batt of pikes to stand by a specific hero and follow that hero around, or setup some pikes to stand by archers and immediately attack any approaching units.

Any insights you could give would be helpful. I'm still working on my micro game, so it might be that I just need to work on using the existing stances and such.

Elendils Cousin 3. Grades

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Re: Combat Hotkeys
« Antwort #1 am: 6. Okt 2017, 18:06 »
Are you talking about hotkeys in general or that particular option? :P

Edain has improved a lot on hotkeys imo; units, heroes and buildings all follow the same pattern. The hotkeys start with Y (or Z, depending on your keyboard... I guess?) and then just continue to the right. That includes formations, Upgrades, abilities... it's all quite simple and can improve your reaction time a lot if you get used to it.
Some other shortcuts are:
Q - select all units
O - select all heroes
E (once) - select all of the selected unit on your screen
E (double tap) - select all of the selected unit globally

As for your suggestion, I doubt that's possible. But I wouldn't like it anyway, becaause positioning your pikes correctly is one of the most important aspects of your micro, and your option would remove a good portion of that. Just keep practicing and you will automatically improve. ;)
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  • Bilbos Festgast
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Re: Combat Hotkeys
« Antwort #2 am: 15. Jan 2018, 22:13 »
Hey, thanks Elendil for reminding me about the E-hotkeys!

Captain Jin

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Re: Combat Hotkeys
« Antwort #3 am: 7. Mär 2018, 16:21 »
Anyone know what the hotkey now is for the "spread out" command? In BFME2/ROTWK it was x, but that's now for an upgrade.


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Re: Combat Hotkeys
« Antwort #4 am: 7. Mär 2018, 16:26 »
Should be w. Otherwise r.
We wanted all hotkeys to be available with the left hand and be organized in some way.
Q,w,e,r - Selecting and spread
a,s,d,f,g - movement and stances
y,x,c,v,b all the commandbuttons.
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Re: Combat Hotkeys
« Antwort #5 am: 7. Mär 2018, 17:43 »
It is „r“

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