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Autor Thema: Weather and terrain mechanics.  (Gelesen 408 mal)


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Weather and terrain mechanics.
« am: 18. Okt 2017, 18:08 »
Hi guys,

I need to set this topic up because of incoming patch. I had really awkward situations with spells who change weather and terrain. When I played match where both players had weather or terrain spells, they become useless I need to take that spells only because I want to have it for instant counter and almost don't use it in "weather matches".

So my suggestion is to make weather spells last 1 min, their effect generally would be reduced in cost of duration. After You use spell You need to wait 30 second to effect be activated, opponent doesn't know when You used spell. So you have min 30 second of your weather and your opponent have 1 minute. It could be 30/15 sec timers. And there comes weathers spells. You will use them when You prepare your attacks or defense. It is still risky to use it but it is big difference from now. And this mechanics could work with terrain too.

Of course:

1. Could break should change its effect to reduce enemy units attack or defense and be feared(not stunned)

2.Freezing rain could additionally buff Uruk-hai with 10% movement speed.

3.Darkness is cost atm, 50% attack and defense. I think it should be reduced buff in cost of duration.

4.I think Lothlorien should keep their weather and terrain. Only adjust effect to duration. Maybe 50% armor for structures and heroes for 30 seconds.  (15 if countered)

Match up against others faction who doesn't have weathers or terrain it should balanced trough cooldown. Hope you like this Idea and comment yours opinions.

Kreso sends his regards!!! 
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