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Autor Thema: What are you making?  (Gelesen 812 mal)


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What are you making?
« am: 24. Okt 2017, 09:17 »

So this is the thread where you discuss your creative gaming-related endeavors, be it mods, addons, and games you are making.

And I'll start off with:

An unnamed rogue-like in c++ using sdl and opengl, it's a bit of an inspiration of dwarf fortress and minecraft, with the focus being on a more condensed and detailed experience with plans of a mode where you build dungeons with puzzles and things that you can share around.


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Re: What are you making?
« Antwort #1 am: 24. Okt 2017, 13:21 »
This is the wrong board and you posted your comment in a German-speaking area. You might want to check where you are posting your threads, before going for the forwarding of your topics. This will help avoid potential mistakes.

P.S. I noticed that all your comments follow a fixed (advertising) scheme/style. I hope they aren't implicit advertisements or spam. The forum rules are very clear about it.