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Error in Game

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Error in Game
« am: 4. Nov 2017, 17:17 »
Hi Edain team!

I like to play the Edain MOD a lot! thank you for all the work!

Still I have a few questions.

1) It happens quite often that, when I'm playing a game (Edain MOD) the game closes and it says "error", do you guys have any advice on how to remove this problem?

2) There are many 'display resolution options' for the gameplay.
Still the biggest resolution option i can pick is 1900 - 1200, so my view in game is quite close to the ground. (if you know what I mean)
Does this happen because of certain settings on my PC or can I do something else to improve the resolution options to 3840 - 2160?

I hope you can help me with these problems!



PS: I have Windows 10
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Re: Error in Game
« Antwort #1 am: 4. Nov 2017, 18:55 »
1. What error? There are many, we need a more precise wording: "Runtime error", "game.dat error". But usually an error midgame is caused by running out of memory. Try lowering your graphics

2. Game resolution can be manually changed in the option.ini file. And for zoom, that's usually a map issue, if you're too close to the ground it's because that map's height is too small.
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