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Autor Thema: Some features of Mordor  (Gelesen 1634 mal)


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Some features of Mordor
« am: 9. Nov 2017, 15:22 »
With the new book of spells, Mordor turned out to be very good and balanced. I have only three comments:
Khamul has a lot of life and armor. Even dwarves with their mithril armor have less armor, because of this, Khamul is an extremely good killer hero (even too much). If you slightly lower his armor everything will fall into place. And the second question: is it possible to replace the call of the Easterlings with the Castellans. (After all, he is Lieutenant Dol Guldur and has nothing to do with the Easterling, despite being once their leader.)
Necromancer - he provides unique and powerful abilities for support and in fact wanted to offer only two small additions. In 3.8.1. I really liked the ability to double. Maybe when getting the ability from the spellbook "Deadly Servants" when he will use the escape ability, a double will stay in place!?. In fiery form, too, there is a small problem. Even at level 10, he must spin very close to his enemies, which means he dies very quickly, that if you slightly increase the radius of defeat by fire ???.
Well, the most painful topic is Gorthaur. Personally, I never buy this ability. The reason is one: the Necromancer receives very little bonus. The only thing I really like about Gorthaur is Anattar. (Beautifully, canonically, effectively and uniquely). I do not know who of the players uses the form of a vampire or a wolf? I think they are very weak. I'll give an example: You need a Necromancer + 25 points to open the ability, but in the end! Valkulak is weaker than any hero the enemy killer! And the standard abilities of Gothaour are very boring and weak. Only from the blade of destiny is there a benefit. And I kept thinking about the bottom: Perhaps instead of invoking the fortress Тол-В-Gaurhoth Gorthaur would strengthen the tower of the fortress / camp, because Barad Dur is a very significant one, and it would be interesting to give Gorthaur the opportunity to strengthen his main fortress the second and third era !?

Sorry for the criticism and comments, just wanted to give some back link!


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Re: Some features of Mordor
« Antwort #1 am: 9. Nov 2017, 16:00 »
Nazgul are indeed wicked hero killers, perhaps they could use a bit of a nerf for some. I think replacing Khamul's summon is a terrible idea, you can already get 3 castellans from the fortress and his summon fits very well with his building destroyer aspect. It is also possible that the reason Rhun allied Mordor was because Khamul as their king fell under the influence of the Ring.

Fire form is indeed rarely use for its offensive capabilities, more often it's a quick switch to unleash a fury of abilities.

However, the part about Gorthaur is simply completely untrue. While his forms aren't the most used his Gorthaur form is probably the most effective hero killer ever. The Blade of Destiny does random knockback and deals damage, his health and damage is insane and he can easily escape using his bat form if he ever gets low on health. In addition Sauron gains an additional level. Tol in Gauroth is a monster, any player who sees it emerge on the field loses all hope, with this debuff and constant knockback in addition.
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