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Autor Thema: New Players Access to Mod without CD  (Gelesen 1366 mal)


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New Players Access to Mod without CD
« am: 24. Nov 2017, 22:07 »
Hello and congrats for the amazing work you have put in this mod all this time! I've spent countless hours playing it the last year and I hope it keeps growing!

Lately a couple of my friends show interest in playing with me but I realised there is no way to have a legit version of the game nowadays since EA has dropped it. Is Edain mod locked only to those that have the original CDs way back when it was released? ( They can crack and play single player I guess but the point is to be able to play multiplayer without mismatching issues)

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated!


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Re: New Players Access to Mod without CD
« Antwort #1 am: 25. Nov 2017, 03:11 »
You may not be given this kind of support in this forum, because it concerns illegal copies of the game and the administrators of Modding Union (the very Edain Team) might then be sued for unlawful behaviour, according to German law. You are right, though, when you say that it's now really hard to get BFME games via legal ways. I may only tell you that there surely are other alternative options for your case, as I assume that most of the players do play the game without the proper CD. But this is information that cannot be provided publicly, due to the aforementioned reasons.

I can only suggest you try your luck and seek what you long for in the unexplored width of the Internet. Only through searching shall you find the answers to your case :)