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Autor Thema: Mod of the Year 2017  (Gelesen 555 mal)


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Mod of the Year 2017
« am: 11. Dez 2017, 22:18 »
Greetings Companions of Edain!

The elections to select the Mod of the Year have already started a few weaks ago, and today, was the start of the second round. Like the last years, too, Edain has managed to become one of the Top 100 Mods and therefore reached the second round. The ModDB selects each year's most successful and best modifications and distributed to these particular awards. From such elections accordingly always follows large publicity for modifications. The player of the modifications are, like every year, called upon to vote for their favorite modification, because even for the mod with the most user votes, there are awards and prizes.
Who wants to learn more about it, can inform here.

How some of you might like to remember, we have won the elections with your support and were announced as the Mod of the Year 2015. Edain is so far the only modification for Battle for Middle Earth who have succeeded.
Due to this fact, we can't achive a rank in the Top 10 anymore - that is an official policy of ModdB. Nonetheless, we are happy if you vote for us, as we can reach a place in the Honour Category.
The elections for the second round for the Mod of the Year go until 20. December 2017.

Now we would ask you to vote for our Mod on the following page, and thus to increase the popularity of the Edain Mod:

Clicking on the button brings you to list with all the Top 100 Mods, there you can give us your vote!

Note: The vote by a registered user counts namely more than one score.
Also we would like to ask honest proceed with the voting. Otherwise it may happen that our project will be excluded from the voting.

Discussion Thread

Thanks for your support!

Your Edain Team
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