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Autor Thema: Edain 4.5: The Sound of Arnor  (Gelesen 955 mal)


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Edain 4.5: The Sound of Arnor
« am: 14. Dez 2017, 20:00 »
Greetings companions of Edain!

We have already presented you some of the music tracks in the past, which Forhir independently composed for Edain. Today, we would like to show the rest of the tracks, which will complete the own soundtrack of Arnor, so that Arnor will have its own and completely unique background music in the next version.

The Sound of Arnor
How does one imagine the sound of Arnor, the tragic northern kingdom?
As you might imagine, it was quite difficult  to create a fitting atmosphere for Arnor, the greater kingdom of the Dunedain, but at the same time the more tragic one.
The glorious sound of trumpets, as Howard Shore used them for Gondor, weren't fitting enough for Arnor, in our opinion, for a kingdom standing on the edge.
Therefore, the melancholic sounds are the ones shaping Arnor, and are those, which tell more of past glory, than of current. At the same time the emotions of the people of Arnor should be represented: the losses by cold, pestilence & war, the struggle of survival, omnipresent destruction, of what was formerly known as life.
Nevertheless, the hope and the knowledge of a proud and great faction prevails, because there still is the will to fight, which can be heard in the battletracks.

Realm of the Dunedain
This is a track, which represents the atmosphere of Arnor. The once magnificent empire is melancholy lammented.

In Times of Cold and Hunger
In this track, the events of the Great Winter and the plague years are treated. From the cold, uncomfortable mood, however, rises a warm melody again and again that represents the hope.

Seven Stars and a High Crown
Also, this track shows the melancholy of Arnor once more. The drums of war are nonetheless omnipresent.

A Kingdom on Knife's Edge
As the name implies, Arnor's fate stands on the edge of a knife. But not all is lost, yet.

The Men of the North
An improved version of an already featured track. Closed ranks of Arnorian soldiers advance forward.

The Last Stand
The final music of Arnor in its whole glory and greatness. A choir sings an old numenoriean poem(„Firiel’s Song“, from line 9).

If you want to know more about Forhir, you can find him on Soundcloud or on Youtube. There you can also find the other tracks he composed for Edain.

We hope that you enjoyed the Sound of Arnor and are looking forward to your feedback.

Your Edain team