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Autor Thema: Ideas for Angmars spell book tree in 4.5 version of Edain  (Gelesen 633 mal)


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Hello to everyone here on the English forum. I will write this short message regarding the concept for Angmar and its spell book now and within the release of 4.5 that I made. I am hoping that there will be a good discussion about it and we will together participate with ideas that might become reality.
 Enjoy with reading and hope that it will bring attraction to the members.

The Witch-King of Angmar

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Interesting ideas I like the center spell concept it fits very well with the theme of the faction, I was actually trying to think of a center spell for Angmar few days ago but couldn't come up with one.

If hordes of mount gram will become a permanent summon they must spawn near the fortress like Easterlings in Mordor thus fitting as a defensive spell.

Being able to use outbreak only on one type of settlements seems very bad to me, it forces the player to go for the barrows if you can use it on any of your buildings then that's more like it.

P.S: If you can move this thread to Angmar section that would be much better, keeping everything organized and helps to get more people to notice your suggestion.


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I think I must have overlooked the fact that the thread should be in the proper section. I will immediately remedy.

And, in regards to the very topic, the overhauled spellbook of Angmar is still being worked on at the moment, but I can tell you that it already has a quite defined structure. I hope it will be finalised as soon as possible and thank you for the suggestions anyway. Hints and advices are always welcome; the progress of a concept is ever unpredictable and last-minute proposals may always be of much help.


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I've finally had the chance to read through the concept and this is some good stuff

My favorite is probably the way you implemented the horns of Angmar, it is a perfect offensive spell, allowing for extreme early game agression giving a advantage but that becomes less strong on the long game. Fell wind needs some work however, in edain movement is key and therefore the ability to hinder movement is extremely powerful, too powerful for a tier 1 spell. I would recommend this be reconsidered.

I'm not a huge fans of the rest of the powers, the temporary scavenger doesn't feel right. Sure the lower class of Angmar could be prone to it, but what of the Men of Carn Dum? Would they really lower themselves to pillaging? It could work and be interesting but I don't personally support that one.

If outbreak is to be recentered around a single barow lair it will also require a power boost, as settlement plots are not always available and barrow wights are not always the first choice. Finally the central spellbook feels a bit bland being a simple power boost

Apart from that your proposal are always a pleasure to read, albeit a lengthy task  :P One suggestion I would put forward is to emphasize more the actual game play effect of each suggestion. It is something hard to discern what the suggested power or ability's effect is in gameplay terms. Keep up the good work  xD

P.S. I also like the image proposal for Rogash.
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My intention behind the "Outbreak" spell was to use it more wisely in defensive way. The whole concept behind it was meant that once casted on the barrow lair, it should simply be activated automatically after the building gets destroyed. Since now the barrow gives the chance of decreasing armor values and providing with enlarged chambers. This in my opinion would fit good as seen in the campaign in "Rise of the Witch-King" where in the mission the real intention was to make the barrows that were sacred, a doomed places from were the plague started and wiped most of the inhabitants in Cardolan and parts of Arthedain.


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Re: Ideas for Angmars spell book tree in 4.5 version of Edain
« Antwort #5 am: 10. Jan 2018, 17:55 »
A agree at least on the central role of the WK, 'cause Angmar is a kind of faction centered on his leader ;)