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Autor Thema: Unexpected help  (Gelesen 337 mal)


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Unexpected help
« am: 5. Feb 2018, 12:22 »
          I want to offer to your attention one beautiful and epic ability :). In the new ET spell book, he proposed to strengthen Beorn's ability, and he will be called with 4 bears for 6 points instead of three before. But it seems to me that this is not a very good idea, as during BOTFA we speak only about Beorn. Here is what Tolkien writes

"     ... But at this decisive hour, unknown as well as from where, Beorn appeared. He came alone, but in a bearish guise! In anger he seemed even more enormous. The roar of it was like the roar of a drum or cannon cannon. Goblins and wolves he swept away from his path, as if there were not goblins and wolves, but stuffed with straw children's toys. He attacked them from the rear and, like a lightning bolt, broke through the ring of encirclement. At that time the dwarfs, covering their lords, held the last defense on a low hillock. Making his way there, Beorn picked up Torin, who had been wounded by enemy spears, and carried him out of the bout.
Soon he returned even more furious; no one could resist him, and it seemed that no weapon could stop him. Beorn dispersed a detachment of Bolga's bodyguards and, reaching to himself, threw him to the ground and trampled it. Horror swept the goblins, and they rushed in all directions. "

Tolkien JR R. R. Hobbit, or There and back: Chapter 18 "The way back."

       The Halbarad idea was taken as a basis, and several interesting ideas were suggested during the discussion of his proposal! I will start from them. (At the German forum, Halbarad suggested an excellent idea with which you can find out more https://modding-union.com/index.php/topic,34749.0.html.)
 "The eagles of Gwaihir, who dwell in the Misty Mountains, helped Gandalf and the dwarves. They played an important role in the journey of Thorin to the Lonely Mountain in order to restore the treasure of the dwarves - saving the latter from death in a fire. Also, the Eagles saved everyone in the BOTFA - arriving at the end and providing crucial support "
        And then I thought what would happen if I added Beagles to Eagles as well (They played a very important role (if not a key one) in a very crucial moment for the dwarves!

         And we are gradually approaching the proposal itself! Namely: Unexpected help -
you call Beorne in the form of a huge bear for 45 seconds (I think that the human form is great for Grimbern, but not for Beorn) and Gwayhir with two eagles
. And now, in order to explain the arguments and implementation.
        Realization: a huge bear with three Eagles appears on the selected site. In order to emphasize the power of Beorn, he will be increased in size and will have +40% damage and armor to the statistics. He also has three abilities:
       Roar - every 15 seconds Beorn makes a roar that scares off enemies (passive)
        Malice - Beorn sees his enemy y rushes on him to kill. You choose the goal and Beorn runs not it crushing everything in its path. He also receives + 50% armor from spearmen. (This is an analog of Gimli's jump, just during the run, Beorn gets a little armor to pierce the ranks of the enemies)
       Rage - for 30 seconds, Beorn gets + 75% damage and armor. Also, the overturning of Beorn is increased by 25%.
      Gwayhir - also has three abilities
      Eagle leader - the nearest eagles receive + 25% armor and damage
      Eagle Eye - Gwayhir has a large radius of vision and he can also see hidden enemies.
      Lord of the western winds - Gwayhir flies and attacks 25% faster
The other two eagles - the standard
        One of you will ask how about the earthquake? I suggest that he transfer to the level below and it will cost 6-7 points. The earthquake is too strong and destroys from 50 to 70 percent of the fortress buildings. I propose to reduce the radius two or three times! But the damage remains the same + it will turn off the buildings for 30 seconds. In this way it will get a clearer function. dwarves and so have enough equipment and armor to besiege anyone!
          Thus, you will have the opportunity to call your loyal allies on the battlefield! and turn the outcome of events to your advantage!
         What do you think?


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Re: Unexpected help
« Antwort #1 am: 5. Feb 2018, 22:59 »
Quite fitting ability for the dwarves, great lore behind it, however if made too stong it might be too op if used together with Final Stand basically it's huge armor + quite strong troops.  I like the idea, but i'm not sure if it won't make dwarves more op than they already are.


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Re: Unexpected help
« Antwort #2 am: 6. Feb 2018, 08:28 »
I am sincerely grateful to you Gandalf7000 for sharing your opinion :). This ability should in no way be associated with the Final Stands - this should only be for your troops (you have enough fierce and dentist-booked dwarves :D). Balance and statistics is something that can easily be adjusted to normal gameplay. Also note that the implementation of this ability contributes to the fact that you do not need to draw new models, it's all there (except that it would simply increase Beorn's size by 30-40%).