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Autor Thema: Please help me with 4.5 install.  (Gelesen 1941 mal)


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Please help me with 4.5 install.
« am: 6. Feb 2018, 20:47 »
So I download and then need to use WinZip or something to extract files but, where to?  I've done these things before but for some reason I cannot get this to work at all.  I really want to try it.  Thankfully I saved a version of 3.8.1 and have been playing that which is still fun, but I'm missing out on a lot of new stuff. 
Also, I used to run the "Hero" submod, I cannot get that to extract to the right place either. 
Wish this was easier, help please, thanks.
Also, if I just click on 4.3 exe. it asks to insert disk.....
Edain lover problems......help please....

Turin Turumbar

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Re: Please help me with 4.5 install.
« Antwort #1 am: 7. Feb 2018, 18:01 »
You downloaded a zip file. Before launching the .exe file installer, simply extract the whole zip file first, not only the .exe file. Simply click extract all and then run the .exe file to install the mod. Click on the Edain Mod desktop symbol afterwards and update the mod through the launcher.


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Re: Please help me with 4.5 install.
« Antwort #2 am: 16. Feb 2018, 09:09 »
Thank you for response.  I actually got version 4.4.1 to install easily just by installing switcher/launcher, however I have to install the switcher/installer every time I want to run game.  It never creates a shortcut, it's strange.  Thankfully it only takes a few seconds to install and start but, odd.  I saved the installer so, that helps.
Other big problem right now is figuring out how to stop the black blotching during special effects, that's a biggy for me right now.  Know anything about fixing that?  I'm running a GTX970 and an i5 3.5ghz quad core so.....It's not a hardware issue, a setting maybe but, I don't know.

Thanks...please continue