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Autor Thema: Double Posts in the RPG Forums  (Gelesen 12415 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Double Posts in the RPG Forums
« am: 13. Feb 2018, 01:18 »
Hey guys,

a while ago we introduced a rules exception for the RPG forums, allowing double posts when used to tell a continous story or other creative work. As this is often done by a single author, we wanted to give writers the freedom to share their work without restrictions.

After some consideration and user feedback, however, we have decided to revert this change. The RPG forums are now once again subject to the same double posting rule as other areas of the forum:

6.12 Replying to your own posts, that is posting several times in a row in the same thread while nobody else has posted anything, is not allowed. If you want to add something to your previous post, use the edit button to expand it. Once 24 hours have passed since your last post, however, this rule no longer applies.

This means that double posts are allowed as long as at least a day has passed since your last post. We feel this is sufficient to allow writers to tell their stories without undue constraints while also ensuring an orderly and readable forum. 
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