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Autor Thema: Dismay and Sorrow  (Gelesen 1767 mal)


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Dismay and Sorrow
« am: 13. Feb 2018, 19:16 »

Hither shalt thou bring of Arda the sorrow,
Thou dost just for the memory of tomorrow,
And also the woes and wounds of our time, and profound dismay,
Do not dread unjust evil or envy, and may endurance be borne through thy lay.

Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #1 am: 14. Feb 2018, 22:48 »
Magic is might and burden

GALADRIEL: Dismay and sorrow I have come to know,
Stain on glory, prowess, fall and triumph,
I drank from the cordial of grief in equal manner,
Sour taste, one that mars and stirs discord,
One that tears good apart and sows evil,
It stole the light of the Eternal Day,
Under whose rays I was born,
Within the sunny country of the Archangels,
This is ancestral lore of Arda, unknown to the most,
The witless mind would lose itself in such mazes, before such portrait.

Choir of Elves: Injustice and menace,
Curses and sins,
Clear from any plague,
In the land of Lórien,
Where naught decays.

G: To the shores of the suffering,
Grey shelter,
Cold harbour for the exiled,
Action was not possible without a toll,
To detach from the bliss,
To disobey divine wisdom,
We had to chase our foe,
Unto the ends of the world,
Retribution we needed and yearned,
My beloved ones, whom in great affection hold, did not last to see the end of the strife.

Choir: Alas, many woes and terrible loss,
She mourned, in centuries,
Borne with unfaltering defiance,
She hopes,
Her they await across the sea.

G: There, I met also love,
Attending the court of a thousand-year kingdom,
Greeted by the Silver Monarch,
One of those princes was to be my fate,
Together, we would go through the tides of the ages,
All was bound to perish, however,
Those jewels of incredible potency,
From whence all had beginning,
Brought about ruin and flames,
To my majestic mentor, of the kind of the Angels from paradise, farewell I bade.

Choir: War of wrath and justice,
The West such plight forsook not,
The emissary spoke at the behest of the two kinds,
A holy host sailed from the realm of the Powers,
Aid was given and for the Iron Crown was tragic epilogue.

G: Malice was not late to return,
One of the devils of the first Dark Lord,
Versed in treachery and illusion,
Minds he trapped in his snare,
A one-time empire crumbled overnight, for the pride emperor longed for the endless life under the heavens of Eä,
The earth was broken and shaped anew,
The nightmare of the tale had crafted artefacts of doom,
Rings of Power to be gifted to each lord and people,
The Eldar were sole and lone, seeing past the demon's true will,
The others understood not, seeking fame and rule, destined to turn into chained slaves.

Choir: For the sake of all,
Three Rings saw light without the atavistic vice,
Secure and sound in the hands of the Wise,
A last alliance was made, to undo the yoke of darkness,
The High King found sad demise and the line of Númenor wept its king.

G: Middle-earth lies not,
At the twilight of the third era,
Much has changed and shadows awaken from unseen pits,
Battle ignites a soil grown used to peace,
It is the closing chapter, as marvel from reality fades and vanishes,
The One Ring was retrieved from water and its master wants his craft back,
The wellness of the Golden Wood might be to cease, be it triumph or defeat,
Pray, may the valour of our bows be enough for the task,
But the shield of Lothlórien is me and I am its walls, not willing to give our green temple away,
Fool adversary, magic is might, and should you try to play with the arcane arts, I shall give minstrels much to sing about in epic lays.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #2 am: 16. Feb 2018, 00:57 »
In the name of the knight

The king of Rohan has been woken from treacherous sleep. He laments the troubles and worrying turmoil that his realm had to undergo, promising to give just retribution to those who worked for his subjugation, albeit them bearing the name of honourable knights.

Be gone from my halls, forked tongue,
Vile spirit as your deceiving advice,
Words of deceit, whispered and told,
Lies, spiteful hatred for a weakened ruler,
But weakened I was not, in truth,
For it was not illness which bent my will,
Reduced me into the manners of harmless beasts,
Forced to crawl and stagger,
So that the throne was made a gaol,
Within my golden halls, gem of noble forebears.

I saw not, I felt not, I did not,
Chained and trapped on my very seat,
While the green and fine of my country was set on fire and ravaged, laid waste and torn,
As the White Hand was to hold dominion on such forsaken lands,
Hay and farms burnt,
Suffering incessant cold rain, havoc and slaughter were our enemy's ruthless aim,
Such nasty ranks would not have advanced that much, had my foes had not some traitorous pawns at disposal,
Those who bear the glorious name of knights,
Impious and worst kind of subjects, who seek to hinder one's good,
Once flames will have been tamed, they shall be given the just and due.

Beside agony and sham riders,
In my absence, many grievous things,
My son has passed,
Fallen in the midst of the storm,
How could fate be cruel?
Which father survives his kin, if not the sorrowful one?
His sole memory I have left,
Mourning now on his tomb,
Covered by white that harms not nor makes us wail,
Resounding archaic chants of desperation.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #3 am: 17. Feb 2018, 12:21 »
In the name of the maiden

In the name of the maiden,
Fair as a pale morning of winter,
Used to harsh life and sorrow,
At the court of a decaying rule,
Serving a king burdened by magic,
In the grave hour of mayhem,
Ajar is the door, for woes to come,
Shall she draw her sword and fight?
Courage she never fell short of,
Hazard she faces directly and with no remorse.

Three heroes came to her royal home,
Guided by a wizard, white as clear snow,
Willing to free the monarch from the yoke,
So that Rohan had one last chance,
To withstand the oncoming storm,
Before it was too late to act,
For the common good and sake,
She was there, to comfort the fearful ones,
Expecting death to be near,
After the walls of the Deep were torn apart.

Nay, her realm asunder was not mauled,
For light broke through the rain and signalled that victory was theirs,
The vicious enemy lost,
Along with his fume-choked mansion,
Cleansed by furious roots and raging water,
The Horse Lords could then breathe fresh air and take a sigh of relief,
Partying for the triumph and honouring those who no longer were,
Yet, the tale was not to end that way,
When the marble-realm asked for the aid of the fast riders of the heath,
Surrounded by horrid devils and risking ruin.

You, maiden, rode and did go thither,
Whither the decent would have headed too,
Disobeying the command of the king,
For a just cause,
Before the gates of the City, of incredible deeds you were author,
To battle in the name of good and kind-hearted valour,
Agony you went through and unspeakable pain,
Necessary was that evil, though, in order to succeed,
A ghoulish lord of wraiths was vanquished and parted from his miserable robes,
Even in the dreary day, you never have failed.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #4 am: 21. Feb 2018, 12:31 »
Majestic spoils

Shattered and broken,
This is how lies the corpse of the Smith,
Ancient temple of the most vivid flame,
And impetuous too, fortress of wonders,
His coming to life was cause to premature loss,
For the mother could not nourish such fire,
Without consuming herself as well,
And for long he had laboured along the ways of Aman,
Conceiving grandness and beauty beyond thought,
And those three Jewels of irresistible doom.

Theft and murder have led him to hostile shores,
And grey and grievous as the mourning of the Eldar,
To regain his legacy, unjustly taken,
And to save the honour of the House of mighty Elves,
Together with longing for the free land, far from divine rule,
His hands were stained with blood in equal manner, however,
For slaughter of kindred beings was the terrible toll to pay,
In order to seize the swan-shaped vessels and pass the raging sea,
Crime which none shall ever forget,
Stigma for all the Noldor and their kin to be.

The infamous oath he swore,
Words of impious will,
Clouded by wrath and thirst for cruel revenge,
Sworn on Ilúvatar the Almighty,
With Manwë and Varda as supreme witnesses,
Original root of the worst sin,
Promising to take back the treasure, against all odds,
Being the bright Vala or Maia benevolent or not,
Vowing the ruin of the Dark Lord,
But, what if the bell had tolled for the very Smith too?

Landed on the dangerous continent,
Wild and so hard to tame,
He awaited not his fellows and made to the Iron Gate,
Moved and devoured by anger, ardent as the lamps in the skies,
Asking for resolution and the end of the contest,
Alas, the radiance of Aman was no enough blessing to win,
Lone as a dying flame, he battled legions of shadow and dreadful devils,
Fiery kind of the Ainur, then fallen in the thrall of the Evil,
Surrounded he tried a last act, unfortunate and doomed to fail,
His crushed remnants were rescued from the strife, resting as majestic spoils of a one-time prideful king, whose sad soul still wanders and weeps.
« Letzte Änderung: 21. Feb 2018, 16:48 von Walküre »
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #5 am: 22. Feb 2018, 16:02 »
Hoisted colours, to the ruin of order

Time came eventually,
For the resolution of the eventful tale,
Fable of vice, sin, fall and desire,
The good old name of a lineage of superb monarchs,
Very little faith they ended up harbouring in such ardent spirit,
A grand empire may not be chained nor confined, they thought,
Greatest force on the earth, ruling over waves and powerful sires,
Númenor, fierce and proud, majesty of kings and legendary lords,
Five-pointed Star, raised by the will of the Holy Thrones,
And gifted to the loyal Men.

Men, who equally partook in the elder war,
Fighting side by side, beside the Eldar, their truest friends,
Finest kind among the mortal Children,
They feared not, fled not, nor were they to miss the epilogue of the ancient agony,
There were they, when the Good the most them needed,
By the ruthless hand of Morgoth, they suffered equal evilness,
In the grimmest hour, hope for the tortured Beleriand was born,
The Half-Elf, sung and worshipped in every lay,
Glorious mariner of all times, undaunted and gallant beyond reckon,
He took the rapid routes of the sea, to beg and speak before the Powers, for the sake of both kinds.

The divine might spoke in favour,
And so tyranny was ended,
A continent sank into the blue,
Carrying with it memories of joy and woe,
The Voyager would guard the ways of the ether in eternity,
Brightest star, he led Men to their new dwelling,
Far from the troubles of Middle-earth, and closest mortal shire to the undying shores,
Fashioned in the guise of such hope-infusing lamp of the firmament,
To be of good omen,
The first king was of the Saviour's kin, the twin who chose glory and death.

Noble crown, what have you done?
Why was the sacred alliance forsworn?
Why was friendship turned into envy?
Not willing to part from riches and clout, you began to yearn the life which lasts forever within the circles of Eä,
For your demise you deemed unjust fate and burden,
Alas, you have invited at your court the real bane of Men, disguised as a captive who rendered you all his pawns,
The worst crime against the order of the world,
War was waged against the Blessed Realm, in order to seize the holy country of the Archangels,
An enormous fleet sailed, vast as the sea itself, as an ominous stillness pervaded the waves,
The menacing sky was red and ardent as the wrath of the Western Lords, while the colours of the proud king's vessel were hoisted, to the ruin of the order.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #6 am: 23. Feb 2018, 18:07 »
May he fare well

Too weary even for triumph,
Heaviest burden on his shoulders,
The little hero was not well, still,
A miracle, that the saviour of the modern age succeeded,
Regardless of the imperative task, the very challenge of doom,
There he had cast it, into the primeval fire,
Fell flames that shaped and forged our ruin,
And the undoing of the token overthrew the nightmare from his black throne,
He may only wander, now, as a miserable ghost devoured and mangled by hatred,
Poison he liked to spread, which he shall taste unto the End.

Gentle hero, why do the joys of peace not suffice?
Is it maybe the memory of tragedy?
Sorrow and toil, much fatigue,
Of which one cannot get rid,
For that vicious dagger had pierced too deep,
With its hexed venom harming still,
And the sting of a monster, which is gruesome breed of an old horror,
He shall take the way of the sea, passing through waves and the tides of this decaying world,
Bidding farewell to his lovely and warm home, treasure and shelter of his heart,
Heading to shires where naught withers, of ever-green fields, realm of the Keepers guarding the universe and its sidereal halls.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #7 am: 26. Feb 2018, 15:35 »
Tenson of death and misery

Among the fables of the Elder Days,
There is one, recalled in sorrow,
When light and darkness battled each other, in grander fashion,
During the major quest of all eras,
Of the Two Lovers, heroes of those times,
Confronting the ruthless yoke,
That chained and choked the earth,
Mission of doom, destined to be,
Which changed the course of things,
For everyone, everywhere.

A company of valorous ones,
Whose leader immortal was,
Not a mere member, to be fair,
Yet, one of the exiled court,
Wise son of a king, ruling over undying soil,
Skills beyond reckon and knowledge of ancient sort,
A very prince of glory,
Who equally partook in the tale,
Because he had promised, to come to the hero's aid,
Whenever harm was done.

Alas, my brave companions,
Trapped and caught you were,
Brought before an evil lord,
Cruel and foul sorcerer,
Commanding hungry wolves and bloody wings,
Fangs, claws and dreadful ghouls,
Versed in the control of demons,
Devilish servant of the Iron Throne,
Cursed and hated,
Keeper of hopeless gaols.

But goodness was not to surrender,
Not lightly, at least,
And so the prince asked for justice to be made,
Challenging the thrall-master of the eerie castle,
In a contest of rhymes and spells,
To crown the winner of that deed,
The fair Elf started and sang prodigious words,
Regarding the marvel of Arda, its water, stone, sky and woods,
Then, it was the turn of the night, chanting the wounds and ruin of the world,
Until the foe spoke of the slain brethren, at the Havens of Swans, stained with kindred Elven blood, so that the radiant prince fell and his dark adversary won.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #8 am: 27. Feb 2018, 17:59 »
Night, renew the day and evil wash away

Night, often mistreated and feared, as a token of hell, as a token of desperation that swiftly comes and hardly leaves one's heart, in the guise of a veil which anything may conceal and make evanescent,
Vanishing as a soul ready to part from the halls of daily existence, bound to voyage across time and infinite space, whither we do not know and ignore,
Absence of light, looming over the regions of Arda, and folks speak much and bad about the arrival of her touch, gentle yet dreary,
Of the night, deemed desolate signal of shadows, that gives monstrous creatures force and bolder intent to pursue evil in the world,
That is sham parlance, though, for things shall fare as they always have done, since the dawn of modern times, being the perennial cycle a natural law, will of those who sit on diamond thrones,
Prior the Elder Days, all used to dwell under her sombre wings, for radiance was a privilege of the Immortals within their glad continent, in which wonders were made,
In which beauty died not and lasted, like a flower, ever-green and vivid, shielded from ruin and sad demise,
Until the order was broken and marred, so that two other lamps were raised in the vast sky, for every land to enjoy and bath in sunlight,
But merry brightness was not to be forever, in that the bearer of such flame had to rest and recover her strength, passing through the heavens of Aman, down beyond forbidden waters, while another Angel carried a feebler flare, quiet and colder, yet apt to kindle hope in those who had lost it,
The Queen of Stars had nonetheless placed her craft along the void of emptiness, remote and not reachable, to let her might shine always and in spite of other snares, endless and never-faltering, rendering night what renews the day and anything foul washes away.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #9 am: 28. Feb 2018, 18:56 »
Ocean of tears

Let the Angels weep,
Let them pity the fate of things,
One they had foreseen,
Prior to time and matter,
Holy choir of forever,
The Plan was not to be all joy and jubilation,
Primeval hatred followed the divine kind unto the remote vastness of Eä,
Much they had to battle,
For evil deities sought to mar the ancient symmetry,
Mighty Powers, your enchanted isle in the lake was set on fire, and the Two Lamps fell, bringing havoc and ruin.

Let the Firstborns despair,
Mourning demise and loss,
Ever-present desire of bliss,
Within solid walls and sound doors,
In which the flower of their splendour may blossom and grow,
Many had marched to reach the lost light,
Of the Two Trees of Valinor, splendid memory of tales,
Yet, doom dwelt within the lit kingdom of the Lords,
Discord was born, blood stained the paths of Aman and a fine court elected exile,
Finding cold shelter on the shores of Beleriand, country of sorrow and legend.

Let Men grieve their wounds,
Unjust malice inflicted had been,
Upon the feeble, vulnerable race,
Suffering illness, harshness and death,
Unknown destiny, which is in truth a gift,
Often misunderstood, alas, viewed as punishment and bane,
It is freedom, however,
Leading mortal souls beyond the gate of the universe,
Freeing them from the burden of an immortal life,
Which all drains and renders weary, be it noble Eldar or immaculate Ainur.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #10 am: 4. Mär 2018, 01:07 »
How long shall the fortress hold?

How long shall the fortress hold?
How long will we keep the passage barred?
Hard marble fears not blade and spear,
Though, soul is a stronghold too,
One which may decide our fate,
One that shelters and harbours the ardent spirits of valour,
Often, to our profound dismay, defence might be breached,
Honour may fail, crushed by terror and relentless hatred,
Whose real nature we cannot seem to grasp,
For evil schemes are ill product of akin minds, lost and hopeless.

How long shall we keep the gate secure?
The city must not fall,
Temple of towers and pompous mansions,
A brave shield, wielded at wit's end, might not be enough,
Swift darts might not avail,
Should devils come upon fell wings,
The door might be undone, should monsters seek to tear it down,
Our leadership might flinch before the ultimate doom,
Pushed to the maze of madness,
Incapable of discerning friends from foes.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #11 am: 8. Mär 2018, 20:38 »
What lies beneath silence

We had not foreseen our realm crumbling,
Dim light and eerie mood, death came as the furious thunder rumbling,
Our grievous bell tolled, buried in the deep, in the guise of a fell drum,
Harbinger of mayhem, ruinous beacon for vicious scum,
Hell, drawn to the mines by endless greed,
Made worse, alas, for the gift of treason was accepted and to ill it was to lead,
Wanderer, you ought not to test hazard, be wary!
Do not gaze at the dreary void, terrible and scary,
Were you to pay homage to a tomb, don't linger or place a wreath,
Desperation and grievous silence are what verily lies beneath.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #12 am: 11. Mär 2018, 00:50 »
Whispering to the wind

May the swift wind carry my sorrow, to Elf, Dwarf and Man,
How fell all, I wonder? And when?
Woes to you, Sorcerer-king, who made ruins of the kingdom of mine,
Now naught shall ever be good nor fine,
The coming of ice to inglorious demise has led,
Recalled in terror and utmost dread,
The North is no more, but few wasted plains and dark,
So different from the original vision, so stark!
Old tower, crafted as shield, you guard silence, solitary and lone,
Scattered stone, remnants of might, of Westerners the forsaken bone.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #13 am: 12. Mär 2018, 01:00 »
She faded, conquered by grief

Kind queen of holy sort, you had foretold the approaching tempest,
Greed took the love of your life, until ruin was brought into the realm, caught by conquest,
Fury defied reason, even among the ranks of light, for the Jewels were longed, ruthless and raw,
To the detriment of your deeds and just law,
The Sons of the Smith raided a one-time legendary treasure, bound to that horrible oath and their implacable grudge,
Bearer of ill and death, regardless of sham lies, spread to confound and the truth to fudge,
To the advantage of our foes, resting still behind, waiting for their preys to weaken each other, so that easily they may be trapped in the lair,
Willing to destroy the hopes of Elves and Men, to kill beauty and all that is fair,
The Angel-queen was not to linger and see the decay of her dream, undone the spell and burnt the leaf,
She faded, eventually, re-uniting with her king in the sorrowful halls of Mandos, conquered by grief.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine


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Re: Dismay and Sorrow
« Antwort #14 am: 13. Mär 2018, 01:47 »
Grave and graver

Grave and graver gets the hour,
The sun descends, lone and sour,
Clouds gather and menace rain,
Tale untold, speech spoken not fain.

People of the world, despair and grieve,
For shadows are near, and in darkness shall we live,
For too long have we the robes of peace worn,
Now it's time to go through nightmares and mourn.

The disgraceful age of ours, grey and dreary,
When all grows chill and weary,
Behold the advancing of twilight!
Ill-boding spectacle and unwelcome gift of foresight.
Che solo amore e luce ha per confine