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Autor Thema: Help with Game Crash Error [Invalid Sound 'WOTR_MusicRohanMS']  (Gelesen 1104 mal)


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Can anyone help me with an error I'm having when I attempt to start the Edain mod from the launcher? The error it gives me after I click play in the launcher is:

Invalid Sound 'WOTR_MusicRohanMS'
Error parsing field 'Music' in block 'LivingWorldPlayerTemplat e' in file 'Data\INI\LivingWorldPlayers.ini', line 59.
Error parsing INI block' Music' in file

Any help is gladly appreciated! Thanks


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Do you gave any other mods installed?
Vielen Dank an CMG für das tolle Banner und den tollen Avatar. :)


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Seems like youve installed the unofficial Patch, which isnt a patch - its a mod too. Uninstall it, reinstall Edain and it should work.
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No need to do anything that drastic. The 2.02 creator just did a bit of blunder with their new patch and made it incompatible with most mods. But that can be easily fixed, follow the instruction below:
To fix the 2.02 V7 - Edain conflict you have to find your Rise of the Witch-King Installation Folder (where you installed 2.02) find the file named !vanilla202music.big and rename it to vanilla202music.big This will remove the priority for the file and therefore stop it from overwriting key Edain code. If the player has custom 2.02 music enabled then will need to rename !new202music.big to  new202music.big instead.

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Unknown Assassin

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THANK YOU ADMIN! (fixed it!)