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Autor Thema: INI errors in-game and instant defeat  (Gelesen 1286 mal)


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INI errors in-game and instant defeat
« am: 17. Feb 2018, 08:28 »
Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been addressed and I just haven't seen it. I'm somewhat new to Edain, I've been playing since 4.1. I'm running on a fresh install of BFME 2 (1.06 and 1.08), ROTWK (2.01), and Edain (4.4.1).  Both vanilla games work just fine. I'm not running any other mods besides the HD edition on BFME 2, but I'm having a bunch of issues with Edain. I have a 1060 and 16 gigabytes of RAM, with the rest of my specs being very high end. The only unusual thing in my setup I can think of is that I'm using two monitors, but I can't see how that would have any impact.
I'm using the most recent installer from directly off of the ModDB page, and the launcher works fine. I updated using it.

First off, the game gets ended instantly no matter what faction or settings I use. Sometimes, I get to play for like 30 seconds and then the game ends.


Secondly, there are INI errors littered throughout the game. None of the non-vanilla names for ANYTHING have normal names. They're all some form of MISSING: INI. I haven't opened the .BIG files to verify if they're there, but I can check if you guys want me to. In-game, hero names, special abilities, and anything else that has text not from the vanilla game is also a MISSING: INI sort of name.

Also, the factions have vanilla names. Imladris has a missing INI name, and so does Rohan. Elves, Dwarves, Men, Isengard, and Angmar are still there, and they aren't properly renamed as they should be.



I was previously able to fix this name issue by using an older version of the installer (4.1) and then updating using the launcher. The auto-defeat thing is new. However, I deleted the installer because it was taking up a lot of space and I didn't think I needed it anymore. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: INI errors in-game and instant defeat
« Antwort #1 am: 17. Feb 2018, 11:35 »
Deactivate 1.08 before installing Edain.
Bfme II 1.08 and Rotw 2.02 are both just mods which call themself patches. And you can't install multiple mods.
Also try to deactivate the HD edition of BFme II I don't know what exactly this changes in hte background, but it could interfere with edain.

On the other hand have you tried to patch multiple times in the launcher? This will also check if all your edain-files are correct. Your proplem clearly sounds like there are wrong files.


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Re: INI errors in-game and instant defeat
« Antwort #2 am: 18. Feb 2018, 12:50 »
The HD edition definitly is not the source of this problem. The HD edition only modifies adds a file to the Appdata... files and does not influence the game files in itself.
I myself have the BfME2 HD edition installed and can play any RotWk-mods without any problems.