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Autor Thema: Some ideas for famous family form Gondor  (Gelesen 347 mal)


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Some ideas for famous family form Gondor
« am: 16. Apr 2018, 13:52 »
I would like to raise the question of two heroes of Gondor who for some reason do not let me sleep XD.

First point I want to make is the Denethor. I like the idea of him ​​going out of the citadel and the abilities he has, but its basic attack is at most ridiculous. I understand that it was implemented in this way due to the loss of Beregond's ability to change weapons, but it is a solution that, at least not fit too well . The very way of attack where some soldiers appear from nowhere and their poisoning effectiveness against the catapult are, in my opinion, a slight exaggeration. The problem is also their indestructibility that can be really frustrating. I am also not sure if the lack of one distant hero for Gondor was so severe.

That's why I came to think of such a concept:
 Denethor would be a battalion (similar to the fellowship) consisting of himself and four personal bodyguards. they would stand in front of Denethor and he would act like a slave master from Angmar - he would avoid the fight but he would be capable of it. The whole would function like an ordinary battalion, that these defenders would be renewed and if the Denethor would die, the rest would also die with him.
Of course, this requires a certain change in his last ability. My suggestion for it is :
the name of the XD ability - if the bodyguards have less than 50% of their life, they deal area of damage. If Denethor has less than 50% of his life, all bodyguards deal increased area damage. In addition, they quickly regenerate their fallen brothers.

If the problem with the lack of a distance hero is so big I suggest one more skill which could replace some current (unfortunately I'm not sure which one):

fire order - Denethor orders the to shoot with a single trebuchet missile to a selected location. The shell deals large damage to the siege engines and buildings. The ability is quickly renewing.

it would replace a bit of the main denethor device that was getting rid of siege machines and would add some aspect of building destroyer, which is missing in the Gondor.

Another hero that I would like to quote here is Faramir. Most of his abilities are not bad except the last - the injection of experience. I do not think that it is a skill worth such a high level, so I came up with this idea:

Ambush (when it is a Ranger) - in a chosen place there will appear for some time (rather longer) two battalions of warriors from ithilien, Madril and Damrod.

warriors with itilien - elite warriors who can change the bow to the sword and are invisible in the forest.
Madril - has the ability to change weapons and surprise attack (passive) - units wounded by ithilien warriors, Faramir, Madil and Damrod can not move for a short time (about 5 seconds).
Damrod - has the ability to change weapons and prepare positions - warriors from ithilien, Faramir, Madril and Damrod are invisible to the enemy when standing still.

Of course there should be an alternative when our hero sits on the horseback:

stuttering charge (when on horseback) - an attack of every cavalry nearby increases by 75% and slow down during trample twice slower but their armor drops by 40%.

Both abilities emphasize the role that the Faramir plays in the Gondor - on the one hand, it can introduce panic among the enemy units by setting an ambush which additionally brings some heroes demanded by the community. On the other hand, he supports the calavary as the only hero in the Gondor.

I will listen to your opinions with pleasure :)


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Re: Some ideas for famous family form Gondor
« Antwort #1 am: 17. Apr 2018, 02:56 »
As Gondor is already getting a bombard spell in the 4.5 update, I feel that replacing one of Denethor's five very useful abilities with a single trebuchet shot to be pretty useless.

But I think you're onto something with Denethor's main attack being a little two powerful with how the soldiers spawn like that (especially against siege engines), and I like the idea of it being a hero battalion featuring Denethor and his guards

Perhaps Denethor's main attack can function like Theodred's attack post in the 4.5 update. He deploys his guard from his position to attack the enemy, and at level ten, his guard is doubled and includes a banner carrier.

This keeps him as a useful ranged hero without the ability to so easily dismantle enemy siege (which I imagine is an ability the team wants to restrict to wall catapults). In exchange for this reduction in power, one of his weaknesses is covered: getting caught in melee. Because it's treated as a battalion, the troops regenerate regardless of Denethor's attack and will assist him in his defense.

We also get to keep his unique stance system with only a few minor adjustments (i.e. changing the effect on attack speed to troop regeneration).

This keeps his current style as a rear commander as well as an administrator without sacrificing any of his abilities.

No comment on Faramir.

Lord Aytugar

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Re: Some ideas for famous family form Gondor
« Antwort #2 am: 19. Apr 2018, 20:15 »
As i said before, Castles of Angmar, Imladris and Dwarves have wolves, flood and boiling oil to protect the gate. Rohan and Gondor have noting with that. Reinforced Gate does not enemy to get in. About this i suggested here or moddb, Rohan can have stone thrower peasant to gate from movie Helm's Deep siege.
Denethor is not an agressive leader of his faction like Elrond or Theoden. He has a character which commands as a steward and he mostly lives in White City. When thinking siege of Minas Tirith, he still orders to defend the city in the first place. So the implementation of these two reasons, i think Denethor should have Arrow Valley which effects front of the gate when the castle and the camp is under attack. It effects as three local arrow valley near the gate at level 5. The original spell removed from the spellbook, this deffencive version is useful and rare now. Also we saw Aragorn ordered the elves in the movie. If a castle is been sieged, this will work. I think Gondor deserves it and Denethor is the most suitable hero for it.