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Autor Thema: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback  (Gelesen 650 mal)


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The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« am: 9. Jun 2018, 07:28 »
Let us know everything you want to to know or want to say about the new concept of the Three Hunters for Rohans new spellbook right here!


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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #1 am: 9. Jun 2018, 08:28 »
This update has been great! I love how the Three Hunters have been made. The leader-system is great, and adds a layer of strategy to their use, and it's great to see that Legolas will be able to use his bow for a short while (which I didn't think was possible on a hero battalion like this, to have an unit with a different attack system, I suppose making it into a power was the way to do it, and a great solution). The concept is really polished, well executed and explained, as always (which is my favourite part about Edain news) and overall, the Three Hunters seem like they will give more options to Rohan, which is always great (as I find Rohan in 4.4.1 to not have the most options to win a battle)!

4.5 continues on its way to make every faction more interesting to use, and that's great!


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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #2 am: 9. Jun 2018, 12:48 »
Brilliant work! I do really like the steps taken to make Rohan's summon powers more unique, and this is a good solution to that. I think this mechanic will definitely boost Rohan's infantry in the late game (something that Rohan definitely needed). One question though: how much health/armour will the Three Hunters have?

I look forward to seeing what is next!


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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #3 am: 9. Jun 2018, 16:05 »
It's great to know that the article managed to spark some interest and mainly good vibes around here.

Should someone have something to suggest or point out in regards to the actual wording and text, don't hesitate to make your opinions public. As I translated most of the recent news, I'm also looking for precious feedback from the community. For example, do you think the tone and style of the update are appropriate, or do you prefer an even more informal (briefer) solution? Do you think it's fine if we add a few remarks about the lore, or do you think this just slows reading down? This kind of questions. Don't feel restrained to voice your thoughts :)


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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #4 am: 9. Jun 2018, 16:08 »
About the style, I think it is perfectly fine :P one of the things I enjoy the most about the Edain news articles is that they thoroughly explain everything, giving reasons to why every change is made. I know it may not be some people's cup of tea, but I always love seeing the exposition of lore and explanations on why things are like they are in Edain. Gives so much depth to the mod!


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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #5 am: 10. Jun 2018, 03:36 »
I quite like this update. It gives Rohan a much needed boost and gives a very unique touch to their spellbook.

One area where I see problems maybe arising: would the leadership switch be affected by any member of the Three Hunters falling? Will the leader switch automatically if the current leader dies? If not, does the bonus still apply?


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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #6 am: 10. Jun 2018, 10:10 »
This is a Google Translator translated concept by me. I apologize for mistakes, but my english is bad.

Somehow I just like the three hunters halfway, literally!
Because I really like her general design, her leadership change and her joint ability (the speed boost) and Gimli's ability! On the other hand, I always found Legolas quite inappropriate, but I see that this is the best way to do it, but I have never liked Aragorn and Legola's abilities since the basic game!
Aragorn's "Elendil", which only causes fear (and is also found in the Create a Hero section), and Legola's "Arrow Wind" (which is considered the same as Elendil), were always inappropriate for me as I never saw where the basis was. Somehow Elendil screamed Aragorn never had and he also has no relation to him (except that Elendil was one of his ancestors) and clearly Legolas has shot many arrows, but never in such a just ridiculous dimensions.

After this much too long introduction, I would now like to suggest two alternatives for the two:

Track: Replaces Elendil. A random enemy unit (ie Battalion, Hero, etc.) is selected and visible to you. There is no further visibility. It may also be possible to mark a unit.
This is to symbolize the hunt of the three and that they always have a goal in front of the eye to focus on. In the long run, I would make the unit visible for a minute and hold the cooldown just as long. This allows you to use the ability very often and has to decide quickly how to proceed, such as attack or observe as only two options.

Elven skill: Replaces arrow wind. The three hunters become significantly harder to hit and can also run through the ranks of their enemies.
Of course, this is based on the dexterity of Legolas and, together with Orc Hunt, allows attacking fleeing enemies or making surprise attacks against heroes in the enemy territory. Butcher can then complete the hunt
I would use the Dodge so that it can only be hit by a maximum of fifty percent of all attacks. And the own units can run through opponents, shows us yes Annatar.

So we have a very good hunter team, which in my opinion but not too strong, since orc hunting lasts only briefly and Elven skill should not last longer in my opinion. As a result, the opponent can either have quick, painful pinpricks in their hearts, fight more effectively in big battles, or flee, should it look bad for the battalion! Since everything but only lasts very short you always have to recognize the perfect time to use and combine skills and leaders properly, otherwise you may pay 1500 resources again.
Now I would like your opinion about it :)
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Kayaba: Wirst du fliehen?
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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #7 am: 10. Jun 2018, 12:18 »
I like these short updates! I really think it keeps people on the edge of their seat, because that's what teasing is all about. We know 4.5 is going to be amazing, but the fact remains that we cannot foretell the genius concepts made by the team, so it's worthwhile exciting us further.  :)

As to the Three Hunters, I wondered how their strenghts and abilities were going to be compared to other heroes. The final solution is very acceptable, but I really have to see it in-game. You purposefully chose the hero battalion to have weaker abilities than their individual counterparts so that their base strength shines more, am I right?

I like the leadership system too, as it allows additional focus to a certain strategy which gives the heroes more versatality. I want to ask, though, do the effects apply to all three heroes in the battalion i.e. Gimli as leader gives Aragorn and Legolas also AoE-damage?

Keep up the good work!

Lord of Mordor

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Re: The Three Hunters in 4.5: Your feedback
« Antwort #8 am: 10. Jun 2018, 15:30 »
Yes, the leader grants his bonus to all three, so with Gimli they all deal AoE damage. He's meant to be the leader you use against hordes of weaker units.
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