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Autor Thema: Play the Angmar Campaign in Edain Now!  (Gelesen 11554 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Play the Angmar Campaign in Edain Now!
« am: 3. Aug 2018, 23:48 »
Greetings, Companions of Edain!

While we're still hard at work on Edain 4.5, the community has been busy as well! Today we'd like to introduce to you a new submod by SilverElf and The_Necromancer0, The Rise of Angmar: Remastered. For the first time, it allows you to play the Angmar campaign within Edain. We asked Necro to present the submod to you in his own words:

SilverElf's mind: "But what if the Angmar campaign was... in Edain". And a new submod was born.

The Rise of Angmar: Remastered
This submod has two very specific goals: to make the Angmar campaign and the Epilogue campaign compatible with Edain 4.4.1 and to enhance the campaign with a better balance, units and heroes from Edain, additional missions, ect... A lot more could be done but we judged these two tasks enough for a first submod project. The Rise of Angmar: Remastered has the following features:

  • Edain 4.4 Compatible
More of a base requirement for making this submod but nonetheless a feature, this submod makes full use of the fixed build plot system. In addition, it also makes use of Edain's units and heroes! All vanilla units have been replaced by Edain's versions or by other Edain units. Same goes for heroes, although for some it might not be obvious.
  • Harder Campaign
The Hard difficulty has really been upped in terms of challenge. Playing on this difficulty will require constant micro and macro along with making full use of things like order chaining and control groups. Not recommended for the faint of heart! Remember, that no matter how hard the campaign may be, it is beatable.
  • A "Butterfly" Effect
Though sheer abuse of the carryover system of the campaign a system has been implemented to allow certain accomplishments or failures to have lasting effects on the campaign. I'm not sure how to explain so I think it's best to just give you an example. Given that a mission has an optional mission tasking you with the destruction of a wildmen camp of Arnor-sympathisers but you refuse, in a future missions you might come to regret that decision as you see hordes of wildmen running down the hill to aid the Arnor outpost you are currently besieging. On the other hand, if you destroy the camp when asked to do so, the wildmen hordes will scatter and no reinforcements will come to Arnor's aid. This system should bring an extra level of challenge and always keep you wondering whether an optional quest is truly worth ignoring.
  • New Missions
Two new missions have been added, one is an old unfinished mission from the base campaign that the Edain Team polished but never released and one is a new mission meant to expand the epilogue campaign a bit. This should also allow players to spend more time with some heroes.

A little preview of some of the missions

Installation Instructions
The submod is simply to install and uninstall but if you run into any troubles you can always contact either Elf or I on Modding-Union, ModDB or Discord and we'll be glad to help you. It is important to note that this submod has not been tested with other submods and therefore may not be compatible and/or may cause the game to crash. This submod is meant to function exclusively with vanilla Edain, in addition the minimum Edain version for this submod is 4.4 as many Imladris troops participate in this great struggle.

We have recently released the latest patch for the submod. It's a standalone version and we therefore recommend to remove all previously downloaded versions of the submod before installing this one.
  • Make sure that you have Edain 4.4 or a higher version and that all other submods have been removed
  • Download the submod either in English or German below
  • Open the downloaded archive
  • Drag and drop the file found in the archive into your game folder (Default: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king"

It is important to note that this submod is not multiplayer compatible and will cause mismatches if you attempt to play with users that do not have it. In addition, the submod modifies the base game Angmar in terms of stats and spellbook powers, so it also affects the faction in skirmish mode. It is recommended to only have the submod enabled when you intend to play it.To disable the submod simply move the file outside of your game folder or delete it.

The submod is now installed and upon launching the game you will notice that the singleplayer tab now contains two new options called "The War of the Dwarves" and "The Hobbit", as much as this may seem like an error, it is perfectly normal. Just changing those two texts to something else would have required the addition of a second file to the installation process. The main Angmar campaign is the one titled "The War of the Dwarves" and the Epilogue Campaign is titled "The Hobbit".

Bugs and Feedback
If you find any bugs or have any feedback feel free to report them on this thread, alternatively you can also contact either Elf or I on Discord or ModDB.

SilverElf: Concept & Strings
Necro: Mapping & Coding

Thanks to Julio229 and Haman for testing and finding those pesky bugs. Thanks to Samsara (SP19XX) for solving the bug that prevented Zaphragor's reinforcements.

Thanks to Rekudo and Martin for the german translation of the campaign.

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