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Autor Thema: Edain 4.5 and AI Balance  (Gelesen 1030 mal)


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Edain 4.5 and AI Balance
« am: 26. Aug 2018, 13:29 »
I’m interested in hearing what players that play exclusively against the AI think of the changes that have been presented so far. It’s no mystery that the 4.5 patch is meant to fix a lot of the underlying multiplayer balance issues in addition to making spellbook more strategical. But it is not to be forgotten that the majority  edain players play against the AI. Grouping it all in one thread would be a good occasion to discuss and debate over any aspects you believe may have impacted the AI experience negatively or positively.
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Re: Edain 4.5 and AI Balance
« Antwort #1 am: 14. Sep 2018, 01:42 »
Hey Necro  xD
I just remember that i wanted to give my feedback about new AI challanges but i totally forgot  [ugly]. The real life is absorbing me a lot in this last period.
I read once a statement of FG15 on moddb and i still remember it 'cause it perfectly reflects what i like to do the most in single player: there's nothing more fun than defending your castle against hordes of AI  :D.

Just few considerations about defence:

- i would start talking about fire arrows: now that are removed from towers it will be much more difficult to shield endless armies, but i like this change because it is currently not real and not funny. The bonus for the archers on the walls should also partially balance the absence of OP towers.

- AI Catapults should no more be such a big problem now that the ones in the castle have higher maximum range. Still, it could be tricky if AI starts spamming a lot of catapult outnumbering yours. Hence, the use of quick cavalry units in combination to other defensive options may still be necessary.

- i suppose that AI is not going to use siege towers or similar elaborated tactics therefore most of the battle will take place in front of the gate, as always. With the AI spamming a lot of battering rams (also trolls in case of mordor). For that reason too the archers will have even more a prominent role defending the castle gate, apart some new exceptions  like the really cool boiling oil of the Dwarves (I'm looking forward to burn hundreds  of orcs with it  :D :D). Will the oil be effective against battering rams too?

- About attacking AI fortress: well, the AI is not as badass as it is in storming, so once you turn the game on your favor (not easy at all against some aggressive factions in brutal mode ) the most funny thing will be using the AI as "cavy" to test all the multiple new offensive options   8-)

But maybe i'm wrong about some points, maybe Reshef is turning the AI in a new terrible besieger    :D. I think they just did a very good job with respect to the original game along these years. I don't know if it is possible to improve AI further in a significant way, after all BFME is an old game by now. Let's see  :)


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Re: Edain 4.5 and AI Balance
« Antwort #2 am: 27. Mai 2019, 20:10 »
But it is not to be forgotten that the majority  edain players play against the AI. Grouping it all in one thread would be a good occasion to discuss and debate over any aspects you believe may have impacted the AI experience negatively or positively.

I play exclusively against the AI, and always play on Brutal. I do enjoy long games, and feel that the changes coming in 4.5 will allow games to last longer - particularly with buildings being more resistant to siege, yay.

I am hoping to see other balance changes appear, particularly with how ridiculously overpowered the AI's version of their heroes are. I always laugh when playing, say Isengard - with all upgraded defense towers, and 3-4 furnaces upgraded with arrow towers - all firing on one AI hero attacking my citadel, and the health just hardly decreases. Yet when I attack the same set up AI base, my hero would already be down a quarter health before reaching the citadel. Or when a high level hero of mine is slain by a level 1 AI hero, both starting with full health 1V1. I understand different heroes serve different purposes, but it does seem that all AI heroes with a sword are tanks/hero killers, regardless of their role.


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Re: Edain 4.5 and AI Balance
« Antwort #3 am: 28. Mai 2019, 22:05 »
I always loved playing alone or with my brother against a huge amount of not-elite-troops used by the AI like it did in in Edain 3.8.1 or Rise of the Witchking so I had the opportunity of leveling my heroes and units. In 3.8.1 I normally played against Isengart or Misty Mountains (sometimes Angmar or Mordor wich had less strong catapults than other factions), because they were that kind of enemys - trolls and rams were not so op as catapult spam from other factions, especially from Gondor or Rohan, so you "just" had to hold up against these endless hordes of units.

Would love to see an AI doing similar in 4.5. Right now, I usually play against other players, my main problems with AI in 4.4.1 are:
- too much AI heros
- to little amount of troops, especially in Late Game

Sometimes sending a hero is ok, but not 3 at once after 5 minutes of playing while only sending 2 battalions with them. That isn't the kind of epic battle I wanna play.
AI can't build up that many barracks as it did with the old building system, but they could have more advantage in recruitment speed from buildings on higher levels or maybe after some time recruit faster. 

What I want to see in 4.5:
If we could get for example a Mordor AI, that builds up at least 3 or 4 barracks in their fortress, that would be really nice. Combine that kind of orc spam with trolls or siege equipment and we get the kind of epic battle that I want. Cirith Ungol barracks should be builded up later, first Mordor should focus more on farms and economy on outside buildings.
Heroes can come up in the middle and late game, but focus should definitely be on orcs, trolls and siege equipment.

If we would have only Mordor as that kind of AI and other factions would act different that would also be fine for me. Some few players like the challenge of playing against another type of AI. In that case I would only/ mainly play against Mordor. But I want at least one AI doing so or one AI mode where it acts like this.  :)
The Lannisters send their regards!


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Re: Edain 4.5 and AI Balance
« Antwort #4 am: 29. Mai 2019, 18:28 »
Totally agree with Halbarad.
One of the main reasons I still play 3.8.1 are the epic battles against AI.
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