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Autor Thema: Twilight Queen  (Gelesen 961 mal)


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Twilight Queen
« am: 8. Nov 2018, 21:05 »
1. Risen is a new tyrant,
Implacable as death, as a flaring sun vibrant,
Not a vicious monster, not a vile fiend,
Impetuous as roars thunder in the raging wind.

She longs for a new domain to govern,
Gaoling her foes deep in miserable cavern,
Thus wills the new dreadful monarch, foretelling the advent of darkness,
Though light has not gone out yet, welcoming a new empress of evilness.

2. Shall there be one, who may sustain her lethal gaze?
One who shan't cower away and be lost in her maze,
For the cruel queen speaks misery and plans foul gain,
Towering over the lesser, as the very mankind's bane.

Behold, skies are pierced by such a glare,
Not fine radiance, but devilish sight of a mare,
A spell of terror and folly,
Meant to shatter one's valour and round the world wholly.

3. Her fury shall beget the coming of fearsome storm,
Rousing gales and sea-tempest, to the breaking of nature's norm,
Bowing waves to a new mistress of marvel,
Before whom waters kneel, bearer of magic sung in dusty book or ancient novel.

Should fools force her heart to wail,
Fell rain shall flood realms and thenceforth tell a sombre tale,
Washing rebels away and cleansing pity,
Across every village, town and unfortunate city.

4. Lady of grief and dread,
To a gloomy kingdom the world shall you have led,
Before all is done and gone,
Crushed kings without remorse and any contest won.

For neither can marble resist you, nor may stone,
As earth writhes in pain, same as grand palace or dome,
Your command shatters land and ground, deep to the very core,
Beneath shires and forts, for a hopeless abyss to bore.

5. Fay of Woe, ruler of wuthering wind,
The serf shall love his new queen, be he good or fiend,
Monarchs bid servitude, offering land and host,
Which sires have plenty of and superbly boast.

Mortal hubris is but a mere glimpse before the gates of time,
Implacable as plague, the peak of omnipotence she is to climb,
Torturing the pious and caging the right,
As ghoulish twilight descends on a marred world, harbinger of a long dark night.

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