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Autor Thema: Dwarven Outpost Discussion  (Gelesen 3185 mal)


  • Bilbos Festgast
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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #30 am: 23. Feb 2020, 01:45 »
Not well known around here, but wanted to say I heavily SUPPORT this proposal. If I were to propose a bit of a tweaking, I'd say the lakeTown could use some more varied upgrades (though I'm not sure about which one), maybe make dale abilities unlock upgrades for sale instead of giving them freely, but I'm not an expert at balance, so no real opinion about it.

Concept looks anyway very refreshing and would imo add a great variety to the outpost available for dwarves.

Seleukos I.

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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #31 am: 23. Feb 2020, 17:06 »
I have to say I really like this concept :)
You can add me as "in favor".

I hope this will help to make the defensive focus of Dale and Laketown less important and the units and heroes more important^^

best regardes
Seleukos I.

Only True Witchking

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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #32 am: 24. Feb 2020, 02:03 »
I absolutely love this suggestion!

In fact, the only thing I would want to change is the Lvl 10 ability of Brand.
Right now it appears as though he inherited Bard's Black Arrow, however that arrow sunk together with Smaug, and no one ever dared to come near the place were the dragon's corpse rotted.

To add to that, it does not fit with the rest of his concept as a strong defensive melee-hero and it seems quite underwhelming for a Lvl 10 ability.

Instead, I would change his Lvl 7 ability to something akin to this:
Steadfast Ally
The target allied (Dwarven-)hero gets +30% Armour for a medium period of time. Should the hero die during that time, Brand has area of effect damage for 10 seconds.
This resembles how Brand stood side by side with Dáin, each of them fighting to the last. Of course it was Dáin who fought over Brands corpse, but had Dáin fallen first, Brand would surely have done the same.
It would also extend his tank-aspect onto other heroes, which seems less out-of-concept than a ranged single-target attack.

Thus, "Last Stand" would move to Level 10. To compensate for this, the ability could gain the added effect of Brand healing himself with each strike, to further reinforce the idea that he gets stronger if he is fighting in melee combat, and to show his great resilience.

Of course this are only ideas - anything except the Black Arrow would do, really.

Other than that, I am completley in favour of this suggestion!

The Only True Witchking
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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #33 am: 24. Feb 2020, 09:57 »
Hello together,
I am glad to see a new idea coming about this topic and have to say that I realy like it!
It would be realy cool for the gameplay to have this variations between this outposts, especially this eco-system of the Dale outpost sounds great.
Maybe it would be good to add a limitation to the elite units of Dale, because if not I fear that many Erebor players would just get the quicker elite units form the outpost instead of dwarven units which are so slow. But I am not sure about it.
Furthermore I would like the Brand level 10 ability suggested by Only true Witchking more as well; it just fitts a bit better imo.

But all over I am heavily in favor of this concept! :)


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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #34 am: 24. Feb 2020, 18:15 »
Thanks for the support everybody!

I like the idea of adding a limit to the Dale units, especially considering that they don't need an expansion to get them anymore. The units would also be more expensive than the standard Erebor units.

One True Witchking
When I was designing Brand, I wanted to keep the Black Arrow as a last-ditch effort type of ability. That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to it being replaced by something else that would suit his gameplay style a lot more. I'm not sure about your Steadfast Ally ability though. While it does suit the character, I'm a bit wary of granting dwarven heroes armour boosts (especially when it comes to heroes like Gimli or Thorin Stonehelm who are powerful enough already). I'd welcome any more suggestions though.

Bogdan Hmel

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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #35 am: 29. Feb 2020, 12:23 »
OakenShield224, your concept is very interesting and I would be glad if it is implemented in the game.
I would like to make a small suggestion. Archers of Dale and Lake Town will be elite units, but you can hire a limited number of them. Or you can add a new elite detachment to the outpost - Bard / Brand's comrades-in-arms, you can only hire 1 or 2 battalions.
The team said that it does not want to have many types of units in the game, since each of them must have its own role. But there is a way out of this situation: they can add new units to the game that are unique, but in a limited number.


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  • Welcome, my sister-sons, to the Kingdom of Erebor!
Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #36 am: 22. Mai 2020, 13:56 »
Hello everyone! I just want to add a little bit extra to the concept. After talking to FG15 about it on the Discord server, he said that it is unlikely that Brand would lose his bow, as it is a design choice that all factions within the mod would have at least one ranged hero. As such, I have reworked Brand's concept as follows:

Level 1: Toggle Weapon – Toggle between sword and shield/bow

Level 1: Defender of the City – For every second that Brand is in combat, he will gain +1% armour (up to a maximum of +30%). This lasts for 10s after he leaves combat and will reset after this time. Once he has reached the maximum armour boost, Brand will be immune to knockback and his attacks will knock back those they strike.

Level 3: King of Dale – For a short time, Dale units in a large radius around Brand gain +15% damage and armour, and +50% experience gain, as well as resistance to fear. The armour boost from Defender of the City will  also be applied to them in this time. Left click to activate

Level 7: Falcon’s Mark – Brand summons his falcon to mark the target unit. If used on an enemy, they will be revealed to the player and nearby enemies will take +15% more damage from Brand and Dale units. If used on an ally, they and nearby Dale units will gain increased vision, range and damage. The falcon’s effect is permanent until the marked unit is killed or Brand selects another target

Level 10: Last Stand – For a short time, Brand has heavily reduced speed. However, the limits of the armour boost of Defender of the City are removed and he will gain armour twice as quickly. His attacks will continually throw back those they strike. Sword attacks will deal a small AOE effect while bow attacks are faster.

This concept for Brand will make him a little more unique within the mod as a ranged tank hero. Having a tank hero is also something that's currently lacking within the Erebor faction. His Defender of the City and Last Stand abilities fit with his actions during the Battle of Dale where he defended the gate of Erebor. He will also be able to improve the skills of Dale units, making them more worthwhile in combat.

I look forward to seeing your feedback. If this concept gets more support, it will be included within the main Outpost concept.


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Re: Dwarven Outpost Discussion
« Antwort #37 am: 22. Mai 2020, 14:23 »
Sounds good,

Yours kindly,