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Autor Thema: Lothlorien Spellbook Feedback  (Gelesen 222 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Lothlorien Spellbook Feedback
« am: 24. Dez 2018, 17:25 »
What do you think of Lorien's newe spells? Let us know here!
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Re: Lothlorien Spellbook Feedback
« Antwort #1 am: 24. Dez 2018, 20:27 »
I'm mostly very pleased with this spellbook. Every spell has been rethinked and every one of them seems to be more complex than any other faction. My only complain would be about new imladris central spell which change is connected with this news. As far as it suits the main point of faction, in my opinion bonus is too generic to be considered central spell. It's as complicated as central spell of angmar which is just a placeholder. I understand that spell don't have to be complex to be interesting but adding twice more experience isn't fun and interesting as it seems. For now only thing that comes to my mind in terms of changing this spell is that his special efect will be increasing max level for all imladris soldiers to 10. Unfortunately I'm nearly certain that it's rather impossible to do
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