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Autor Thema: Help Campaign  (Gelesen 991 mal)


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Help Campaign
« am: 6. Aug 2019, 19:25 »
Hello guys, I need help with a problem, I have the updated version of the mod, but when playing the first mission of the campaign when I defeat all the enemies, I build the 3 fortresses and the countdown for the arrival of human reinforcements zero, as soon as the reinforcements enter the map the jodo accuses that the mission failed. Can someone help me?


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Re: Help Campaign
« Antwort #1 am: 6. Aug 2019, 20:49 »
Hey and welcome to the forums,
I've heard of that bug before but nor I nor the beta testers that helped with the campaign have ever manage to reproduce it so I don't really know how to fix it. From the sound of it looks like an edge case that I forgot to cover in which when the objective switches to keeping the three fortresses alive it doesn't count all three and defeats you. I'll try to play around with it but it's hard with a bug that you can't reproduce consistently. In the mean time you probably have to restart the missing until it lets you through. Make sure you don't have any other submods installed.
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