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Autor Thema: Khazad-dûm (official map)  (Gelesen 626 mal)


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Khazad-dûm (official map)
« am: 4. Nov 2019, 20:07 »
Currently, this map captures very well the feeling of Khazad-dûm we get on the movies - a mysterious place, with big halls filled with dwarven architecture, but inhospitable and silent.

On the otherhand, gameplay-wise it does not seem to be a popular map; problems such as the map being huge for an 1v1 map, the too few amount of settlements (8 in total) and lots of outposts (4 in total) and the big long paths with insuficient passages connecting them are things that make this map a little tedious to play.

Also, some features that could really have some play value, such as the areas where there is the troll creep, the large gate arch, the towers and the passable bridge above, are put in a way that they are underused - even though they capture a lot the feeling of the movies stated above.

That is why I will try to make a few suggestions to improve this map; if this topic receives some love, I will give more details (with images, for example) for the whole suggestion just to spare me of unecessary effort - so, please, check the map meanwhile reading to understand my "coordinates"  :D

1- First of all, I'd make this a 2v2 map; as it is too big and has so much work put on it, I think it is viable to make it a 2v2 to fill it's spaces better as well as enhancing it gameplay-wise, as I will explain further forward. To make it possible, the space of the halls for each player starts should be larger (in the direction of "leaving the map") to fit 2 camps side by side, each one faced to each of the pair of vertical large paths that exists on both sides of the map;

2- To increase the number of settlements, 2 more should be added to the already existing 2 in each of the halls that the pair of players will start (totalizing 4 easily acessible settlements near the team's starting points - 2 for each player); also, considering that in front of each hall where each team starts has a pair of vertical large paths that only have outposts (1 for each path), I'd instead do the following: put 2 settlements in the internal large vertical path of each side of the map (1 closer to the team's starts and 1 farther - replacing the outpost) and put 1 settlement in the external large vertical path of each side of the map (only 1 closer to the team's starts - the outpost in the external paths should be kept)
----- Doing so, each team of 2 players will have proportional access to 9 settlements (2 from the gate arch area - of which I will talk about later, 4 in the "starting hall", 2 in the internal large vertical path and 1 in the external large vertical path) as well as 1 outpost (in the external large vertical path), totalizing 18 settlements and 2 outposts in the whole map. With more settlements in spread areas and less outposts, the map will get more dynamic;

3- The pairs of large vertical paths in each side of the map should have a communication path between each pair; this small suggestion aims to make the map more dynamic for both attack (where 2 armies of the same team could quickly go to a single path and attack one camp simultaneously) and defence (where 2 armies of the same team can corner/surround the enemy's attacks) strategies;

4- The horizontal path that links each team's hall to the 2 settlements in the area of the troll creep, the large gate arch, the towers and the passable bridge above could also receive some love. What I thought is to put an actual gate in the empty gate arch of each side of the map - this gate will be controlled by the player closer to the path. My thought about this is to give each team the possibility to have a gate that will strategically protect 2 settlements and an alternative corridor access from the team's "starting hall" to the middle area of the map - if each team manages to keep the gate standing, they will have a big area free of the enemy's reach; however, if the enemy team breaches the gate, he will access the hidden settlements as well as the alternative corridor to raid the attacked team's base - the towers and passable bridge would be important strategic features for both attackers and defenders if a gate is destroyed!

5- This requires some coding: if possible, I'd love to have a Cave Troll and 2 battalions of Goblin Warriors with heavy armor together scouting around the central-most area of the map. They would work as a roaming creep and would engage any player that gets close enough to their sight; after defeating their enemies, they would go back to their path, circling around the central area of the map. This aims to be a fun feature as well as to be a reference to the movies - even though Khazad-dûm seems inhospitable, it is overrun by goblins!

6- Adding some textures and details to the map would also be great; it lacks some more little improvements to make the whole atmosphere behind this map more present, more alive  ;)


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