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Autor Thema: imladris problem! X + arrow raising problem in archers.  (Gelesen 424 mal)


  • Thain des Auenlandes
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I select the archers collectively and press x. But no upgrade. I have to select each soldier one by one and press x.The same problem is happening in the catapult launch feature as well. I have to choose one by one. Please correct this problem in 4.5. Or get an update, please. There is also the same problem, upgrading the features of other military units. I select and click the properties of the soldiers. But he wasn't impressed. Only one unit is affected. I tried this on a few different computers and saw this problem. Only for the imladris . Everything else is very nice. In short, soldiers are archers, horses or swordsmen. Helmets, arrows or armor upgrades are not by collective selection. I have to select each unit individually.For example, if there are 10 archer units. I have to choose each one individually.There is no such problem in other races. There are only imladris. Thanks in advance.

Or is there a simple way to fix this problem?
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